Thursday Song

Fury in the Slaughterhouse – every generation got its own disease

From the album “mono” (1993)

Fury in the Slaughterhouse are a German band that had a lot of airtime on the radio with this song over here.

The song is very fitting for now, I think. The lyrics – written decades ago, have something very modern.

The night was a weird one. I went to bed early because I had an allergic reaction to food I ate for dinner. I slept through the night but with vivid dreams. This morning I woke up with many more notifications than I usually have on my phone.

Miss calls… Voice messages… I rarely get those at night. Overthinking mind here… I will check on all these people today, but it is barely 9 am, and they deserve their morning coffee first, and so do I. And then I read the news and what happened in the US… Shocked and appalled are understatements…

Remember that I care, even when I am asleep. xx

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