Saturday Song

Keep Shelly in Athens – we want more

Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek duo formed in 2010 and the above song can be found on the 2017 release Philokalia.

Enjoy… I know I do. 🙂

Thursday Song

Thirsty Seconds to Mars – echelon

This song was on the 2002 debut album of this American band. The album was self-titled. Great debut, I must say. By the way, the singer and main songwriter is actor Jared Leto.


Wednesday Song

Weikie – raise our sunken ship

From the album with the same name (2012).

Weikie is a multi-instrumentalist, a creative mind and an extraordinary person. He is very clever, funny and gives great hugs, and great advice too. A special one who makes a special kind of music.


A moment can’t outdo the ever. Adam Weikert (Weikie)

Thank You!

Thank you. It is that time again; I want to thank you all for your support and for checking in more or less regularly. This blog is made of music and words. Often, the words are inspired by music and or by my thoughts and life. Thank you for being a part of this. ❤️

Merci. C’est l’heure de dire merci pour votre soutien et pour me rendre visite ici de temps en temps. Ce blog n’existe que pour la musique et les mots. Et souvent, ces mots sont inspirés par la musique, mes pensées et ma vie quotidienne. Merci d’être là. 💜

Danke. Es ist Mal wieder an der Zeit Danke für die Unterstützung und das mehr oder wenig stete Interesse zu sagen. Dieser Blog besteht aus Musik und Worten. Die Worte sind inspiriert von Musik, meinen Gedanken und meinem täglichen Leben. Danke dass ihr ein Teil davon seid. 💚

Merci. Et ass un der Zäit Merci fir d’Ennerstëtzung an den Interessi ze soën. Dëse Blog besteet aus Musëk an Wierder. An dacks sinn déi Wierder inspiréiert vun Musëk, mengen Gedanken an mengem daachdeeglejen Liewen. Merci dat dir en Deel dovun sidd. 🖤


I only speak these four languages fluently, but I want to thank everyone of you, no matter where you are from.

Tuesday Song

Michael Patrick Kelly – blurry eyes

From the album B.O.A.T.S. (2021)

This song grabbed me right unexpectedly in the feels. Beautiful lyrics.

Michael Patrick Kelly is quite known in Europe as part of the Kelly Family; back when he made music with his siblings, he used to be known as Paddy. When I was a teenage girl, most girls where in love with him. The entire celebrity thing became too much for the young man and he joined a monastery. But he comes from a musical family, it runs in his blood.

After several years he came back using his full name and becoming a successful solo artist.

Anyway… Beautiful song.


Back to work today, after 11 days at home. I am torn about it. Worried, actually.

Monday Song

Sivert Høyem – at our evening table

From the album “Endless Love” (2014)

Endless Love was this Norwegian’s fourth solo studio album. And it is awesome. But, I am biased. I love his voice.


Song of the Day

Soen – River

Soen are a Swedish supergroup with member who played in notable metal and progressive bands.

The song “river” can be found on the band’s fourth album called “Lotus” (2019). An album that was well received by fans and critics alike.

I must say, when I heard Soen for the first time, I was immediately smitten. Their music is right up my alley. The above song is rather soft, almost like a ballad. But don’t be fooled, their genre is progressive metal for a reason.



If you are using Spotify, here is a playlist for you, one I listen a lot.

Thursday Song

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – a man needs a maid

Not the first song off this album I am sharing, but this one turned out to be my favourite on the album Imposter, that was released on November 12th 2021.

Imposter is an album consisting of 12 cover versions of songs Dave likes. The above song was first released on Neil Young’s Harvest (1972); a record I own on vinyl as well. Many music lovers do, but I am a bit proud to say, that I own a first pressing from 49 years ago.


Personally: weird days and sleepless nights.

Tuesday Song

Industries of the blind – I just wanted to make you something beautiful

Take 13 minutes to listen to this beautiful and meditative piece of post-rock/ambient music. The song is one of three songs appearing on the album “Chapter One: had we known better” that this US post-rock band released in 2011

There is not much else to say today that I haven’t mentioned in the earlier post. I hope all is well on your side of the screen.

much love from me to you.


Sunday Song

Her Name is Calla – New England

A hauntingly beautiful song that appeared on the 2009 album “The Heritage”. Her Name is Calla was a bunch of exceptionally talented and creative musicians and artists. Always all-in. And it is apparent when listening to a song like this. A nine-minute long wild ride.


As for me, the mood is slipping. I felt it already yesterday. Be well, be kind.