Sunday Song

Fink – perfect darkness

From the album of the same name (2011). Fink is Fin Greennall. He is a British musician, one of the few that sound better live than on studio LPs.


Streaky day today. It was father’s day here. I worked a short afternoon shift with lots of work and I wrote a bit. No work tomorrow.


Saturday Song

The million reasons – dizzy

The Chicago based band released this single in 2018. Truth be told, it’s the only song I know from this band, I did not do my usual research. One year ago, or more (?!) this song was a Spotify suggestion and ever since it sits in my playlist and I never once skipped it when it came on; and that’s a good sign.


Enjoy a quiet Saturday

Friday Song

White Lies – as I try not to fall apart

From the forthcoming album with the same title. (So far, the release date is February 18th 2022). The above title was dropped 4 days ago.

On first listen, it is a bit dull, i think. But maybe it is one of those that need to grow on you.


Lots of stuff today, but no work.


New read: Thomas Harris. The Hannibal Lecter Collection.

Thursday Song

M83 – skin of the night

From the album “Saturdays = Youth” (2008)

I heard this song for the first time today and liked it instantly.


I had a very very long day. And tonight, I had a drink. Yay me. I am stressed, I admit.


Years ago, I received this:

T E Morris – Love Is A Bird To Carry Us (2014)

It’s a CD, the first of 250. I still love it. It is not just music, it is so much more… It is a piece of art.

Hopefully that link works… A very special song. For me it is.


Another throwback:

Goodbye, Anathema

I am not sure if I ever shared anything like this before or after on this very blog. It is one of my favourite posts, and it is the most successful too. Spiked with music and little facts about me. That post… It matters.


Tonight, my daughter asked about my CD collection. Everyone who knows me knows that once I get talking about it, i will not stop. There are many signed rarities that i love and I love to explain all about it. My charming daughter though is quite pragmatic. “I don’t care too much. I just want to know what is valuable and will sell well and what should be thrown out once you are gone.” I gulped in shock before i laughed out loud. Giulia is right… None of that will matter to anyone once I am gone.


Tuesday Song

Depeche Mode – wrong

Sounds of the Universe was released in 2009. It was the twelfth studio album of this British Band (and the 46th single they released in the UK)

I have been a fan of Depeche Mode for a long long time. My first ever CD I bought from my own money was from Depeche Mode in 1993. Awesome band. As a teenager, my bedroom was covered in posters of River Phoenix and a particularly large one from Dave Gahan (singer of Depeche Mode). Though… Most of my favourite DM songs are sung by Martin L. Gore. (Like somebody)

Before i begin a lengthy discourse, I will leave you with the song.


Lots of love from me to you. And remember, there is nothing wrong about you or with you. Be yourself. Love yourself, just the way you are.

Sunday Song

Our Ceasing Voice – until your chest explodes

Taken from the 2013 album “that day next November” by the Austrian band Our Ceasing Voice.

I love that song.


A little thing typically me: i was at work this afternoon. At 8, I took my stuff, said my goodbyes and walked to my car. I start the car and see the time. Couple minutes after 8. And then I realise. I was supposed to work until 9! So… I went back inside. I was asked if I forgot something and I replied: one hour of work. And how was your day. rofl I am home now (Rightfully) and poured myself a large beer. I deserve it.

Saturday Song

Genesis – no son of mine

From the 1991 album called “we can’t dance”.

That song always gets to me. It’s something about the lyrics… You guessed it.

Today, I chose Genesis for the simple fact that i am wearing one of their band shirts.

I keep saying that i don’t own many band shirts, but I do. Genesis, Queen (2), Pink Floyd (5), Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Guns ‘n Roses, Anathema (2)… Yes… I own enough merch, I guess.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday Song

Shawn Mendes – in my blood

From the 2018 album called Shawn Mendes.

Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
No medicine is strong enough
Someone help me
I’m crawling in my skin
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can’t

Shawn Mendes – in my blood


Another surprise song, I guess. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.