Saturday Song

Keep Shelly in Athens – we want more

Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek duo formed in 2010 and the above song can be found on the 2017 release Philokalia.

Enjoy… I know I do. πŸ™‚

Wednesday Song

Depeche Mode – it doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter, off the album “some great reward” (1984)

I love this album very much, I have to say. Then again, I like Depeche Mode a lot. “It doesn’t matter” is sung and written by Martin L. Gore. The song can be heard on the fourth album this British band released. Fourth album!!

I am happy that I have you
Even though you’re not here now
I know somewhere You are dreaming
Though it’s definitely not of me

It doesn’t matter If this all shatters
Nothing lasts forever
But I’m praying
That we’re staying

I am warmed by your friendship
Even when you’re far away
And I’m happy In the knowledge
We may never see the day

When I kiss you And you kiss me
Don’t pretend you miss me
The worst kind Of diseased mind
Is one filled with jealousy

If we should meet again
Don’t try to solve the puzzle
Just lay down next to me
And please don’t move a muscle

I will thank you Most of all for
The respect you have for me
I’m embarrassed, It overwhelms me
Because I don’t deserve any

It doesn’t matter If this all shatters
Nothing lasts forever
But I’m praying
That we’re staying


39 for 39

  1. It’s my 39th birthday today
  2. My horoscope said plenty of good things today
  3. And yet, I am grumpy, tense, irritated
  4. The first birthday wishes came yesterday. They cannot wish today, for personal reasons
  5. I was sent out of the kitchen because my daughter (13) is about to make a cake
  6. I don’t really like cake – or anything sweet
  7. I like long baths though
  8. With bubbles
  9. I also like music
  10. I wanted to share a Spotify playlist with 39 songs, but that’s quite hard.
  11. I will put the link to my daily playlist up with this post. Be prepared for close to 49 hours of music (!) (I deleted 4 hours of music today!)
  12. I don’t believe in coincidence
  13. But i kept thinking about my former best friend these last days
  14. And then I saw an opening at a place where she used to work
  15. I will not get in touch
  16. I am not expecting any birthday wishes from my older sister or my mom
  17. I used to write many lists like this, with facts about me
  18. That’s why I am trying to keep it vague
  19. Everything was said at least once before
  20. Or as a good friend said: nothing is new under this sun
  21. The sun is not shining today
  22. I ordered myself a piece of art from an American painter. Lee Zimmerman. I hoped it would arrive today. But – nope.
  23. I was 15 when my mom turned 39
  24. When I was 15, I was in a relationship with an older guy (he was 23).
  25. I caught him cheating with another man. I broke up with him because he lied and denied everything, not because of his bisexuality
  26. In hindsight, I experienced quite a lot already
  27. What more is there to come?
  28. I am longing to see live music again
  29. And to feel loved
  30. But, I am overthinking this “love” thing. How can I be loved when I have no idea how romantic love feels like?
  31. I am not a romantic person
  32. I could be considered to be a bit hard or cold or eccentric though
  33. It’s starting to rain
  34. It sounds vain, but I like to read bits of my novel. It’s a good book.
  35. I am not always a miserable person. I like to laugh too
  36. Last year, on this day, my kids and husband had arranged a surprise visit from my dad and younger sister. I loved it. And I cried happy tears. I don’t want this this year. I want to be left alone and be antisocial
  37. Or maybe not?
  38. I am a walking contradiction
  39. I’m thinking about sending out handwritten letters or postcards again. I did that in 2019 and met great people that way. Strangers who enjoyed receiving a handwritten letter. I like receiving postcards and letters too.


Happy Birthday to me. πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸ₯³πŸŽ΅

Thursday Song

Thirsty Seconds to Mars – echelon

This song was on the 2002 debut album of this American band. The album was self-titled. Great debut, I must say. By the way, the singer and main songwriter is actor Jared Leto.


Wednesday Song

Weikie – raise our sunken ship

From the album with the same name (2012).

Weikie is a multi-instrumentalist, a creative mind and an extraordinary person. He is very clever, funny and gives great hugs, and great advice too. A special one who makes a special kind of music.


A moment can’t outdo the ever. Adam Weikert (Weikie)

Tuesday Song

Michael Patrick Kelly – blurry eyes

From the album B.O.A.T.S. (2021)

This song grabbed me right unexpectedly in the feels. Beautiful lyrics.

Michael Patrick Kelly is quite known in Europe as part of the Kelly Family; back when he made music with his siblings, he used to be known as Paddy. When I was a teenage girl, most girls where in love with him. The entire celebrity thing became too much for the young man and he joined a monastery. But he comes from a musical family, it runs in his blood.

After several years he came back using his full name and becoming a successful solo artist.

Anyway… Beautiful song.


Back to work today, after 11 days at home. I am torn about it. Worried, actually.

Monday Song

Sivert HΓΈyem – at our evening table

From the album “Endless Love” (2014)

Endless Love was this Norwegian’s fourth solo studio album. And it is awesome. But, I am biased. I love his voice.


Song of the Day

Soen – River

Soen are a Swedish supergroup with member who played in notable metal and progressive bands.

The song “river” can be found on the band’s fourth album called “Lotus” (2019). An album that was well received by fans and critics alike.

I must say, when I heard Soen for the first time, I was immediately smitten. Their music is right up my alley. The above song is rather soft, almost like a ballad. But don’t be fooled, their genre is progressive metal for a reason.



If you are using Spotify, here is a playlist for you, one I listen a lot.

Thursday Song

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – a man needs a maid

Not the first song off this album I am sharing, but this one turned out to be my favourite on the album Imposter, that was released on November 12th 2021.

Imposter is an album consisting of 12 cover versions of songs Dave likes. The above song was first released on Neil Young’s Harvest (1972); a record I own on vinyl as well. Many music lovers do, but I am a bit proud to say, that I own a first pressing from 49 years ago.


Personally: weird days and sleepless nights.