tbt May 2014


I feel.

I feel small.

So very small.

Realizing, that no one was waiting for me and that I walk alone for most of my journey makes me sad. And just like that, my bubble bursts and I crash down. Hard. I am breaking. Inside. All the thoughts pour out of me and are scattered and shattered all over the floor. All over me. Like a blanket or a second skin… I try to sort through them. Understand. But I don’t. It is all in vain and it doesn’t matter any more.

Because no matter how hard I wish to be seen, I am not.

No matter how much I want to be loved, I am not.

At least that’s what I see. It’s dark where I am. I am in pain. Inside and outside. With thoughts and emotions strewn all around and over me.

I need you to tell me, that everything will be alright.

But you never do.

You never do.

Never do.


4 Replies to “tbt May 2014”

    1. We do. As some who regularly reads my words, I guess the fact that I have not changed all that much in the last 4 years must be striking.


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