Best reply I read today

A site on FB changed their logo for pride month. Many people are taking offence.

Woman A: I will unfollow your page.

Woman B: this is not an airport. *waving emoji*

Woman A: what does this have to do with an airport?

Woman B: that’s the only place where you announce your departure.

I laughed too loud about this, but it was spot-on. If you want to unfollow a page or a person, just do. What are you expecting? Someone begging you to stay? Someone kissing your behind and blowing sugar up your bum? No one is that important. We are all replaceable. It’s that easy. No one is special. We are all the same.

2 Replies to “Best reply I read today”

  1. lol That was amazing. I’d like to think it helped her come back to reality, but maybe that’s too optimistic. 😂
    Some people like to think they’re ultra special. Spoiler alert, no one’s wiping your a** but yourself.

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    1. Nah, I think people like that don’t see anything wrong with their behaviour. I try never to judge people because everyone has a story and they have their believes, but even then, they could just silently disagree and move on.

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