Everything, really everything you read on this blog is written impulsively, without a filter. The words and thoughts you read are the words and thoughts of that particular moment, and they can change in a heartbeat. Please keep that in mind. Also, I often write about my mental health issues; reading about that can be worrisome, triggering, exhausting. It all comes down to one thing: I am most afraid to be left behind/abandoned/rejected, and my overthinking mind suggests that everyone just leaves me for various reasons. It’s not true, I rationally know that, but my emotions tell a different story. It doesn’t really matter, but it really matters. Impulsive bits of my reality during that exact mindset – that’s what you get to read on this blog. And music. Lots and lots of different music.

updated about me

Greetings and salutations,

I am Catherine or Cathy (or micqu as my writing alter ego). A writer. A mom of three. A part-time educator working at a nursery. Walking and talking contradiction who loves music, clouds, sunrises, and complicating easy things.

I write poetry and short stories and sometimes small novellas too.

In 2018, I published a poetry collection that is available to buy as a paperback from me directly (on mobile version or phone, you need to scroll all the way down to find the link; on desktop version it should be at your right…) Unquiet Minds can also be bought on Amazon. (eBook and paperback)

A second collection of poetry was published in 2019: Drowning in a Sea of Voices. You can buy it on this blog or on Amazon.

My first novel was published in 2020: Heart of Stone. That too can be purchased on this very blog or via Amazon.

Listening to music is a huge passion of mine. And I have a vast record collection that is constantly growing. (*cough cough* +/- 1300 physical albums – vinyl and digital downloads not included *bragging*) So… there might be a song here or there or me gushing about this or that band and giving it more meaning than it really has. I am not a critic and I don’t even begin to pretend that my tastes are good – let’s just call them eclectic.

Now… I am sure you want to know where else you can find me, right? Right?! Or maybe where to avoid me?

Well… me and my annoying alter ego micqu can be found here (feel free to follow and/or get in touch there too):

https://www.instagram.com/micqu_1/ Instagram… obviously. I post pics and stuff. Duhh!

https://twitter.com/micqu1 Twitter. Where I always wonder why 140 characters are enough to make some people look witty, while I just look like me.

Bandcamp Music. Don’t worry, I am just a listener, but maybe you’ll find something worth your while in my collection.

I also use Facebook and WhatsApp, but that’s more for private use.

If you want or need to send me an email, try this address: catherine.micqu@gmail.com

Don’t be shy, get in touch. I love to be social. Most of the time.

Hm… let me think… what else? I am open for collaborations with musicians and photographers. If you need poetry or prose to accompany one of your pieces, I am there…

I’m 37 years young and from Luxembourg/Europe. (Languages spoken and written: Luxembourgish, German, French, English and claiming my bragging rights…). I can be quite passionate and opinionated, but I can be just as brooding and bruised. My own personal mental health struggles became a big part of this blog in recent years.

The words you’ll find on this site are all mine. I wrote them and thought them up in my mind. If some words aren’t mine, the original author is mentioned. YouTube clips shared on this site belong to the respective owners. Same goes for Spotify or Bandcamp links.

Once again, nice to meet you… I hope you enjoy my explosions of emotions and my kind of randomness.



This is a personal blog. Short stories and most poems are fiction and tagged as such. Resemblances with actual places and people (alive or dead) are a coincidence. No post is aimed at anyone in particular if it is not stated in the post itself. Music is not mine, it belongs to the creators. Do not copy my words without my consent. Thank you.