Monday Song

Kaleo – hey Gringo

From Kaleo’s third album: Surface Sounds (2021)

Great song from this Icelandic band. It put me in a good mood. Okay, I was already in a good mood. But it certainly added to it.

(current song playing: Born in the USA.)

Wednesday Song

RPWL – unchain the earth

From the album “beyond man and time” (2012)

RPWL are a German progressive band that started as a Pink Floyd cover band in aw 1997. The influence is uncanny. The vocals are very close to David Gilmour’s and I like that quite a bit.

It took me a long while to get into this kind of music, but lately, I almost exclusively listen to prog rock and classical music. (And Glen Hansard…)

What do you think about “unchain the earth”?

Dear Stranger: 15 things I love about you

Lately, you’ve been on my mind day and night, every waking hour and every sleeping moment too. I think it happened. It finally happened. And I am sorry. I apologise.

There are too many reasons for me to love you.

  • I care and never want to see you hurt
  • I want to protect you and keep you out of harm’s way
  • You act strong for everyone else, but I’ve seen you, and I understand
  • I like you; you are my person
  • We have a past, a present, and a future
  • Your presence in my life helps me grow
  • You make me smile, even more so when you realise what I am made of
  • When I hear your voice, there are butterflies in my belly
  • I trust you, so much so that your is the only number that can call me at any time of the day and night
  • I see the potential in you, the creativity that knows no limits
  • I cannot fix you because you are not broken, but I can love you
  • I get jealous when you interact with other women
  • I cannot think of anything that I detest in you; nothing appalls me, nothing makes me want to abandon you
  • You deserve to be loved by me
  • I deserved to be loved by you.

Or as Martin L Gore wrote and sang:

Depeche Mode – somebody

Goodnight, dear Stranger,

Your Sweetie

Flash #2

A circle of words; never changing words. Every story has been written and felt before. Hers too. And yet, she feels as if she has to share her book of life in some way. Perhaps, laced with fiction, readers will want to know more about this unique yet average character. Perhaps, they recognise some of the described feelings and emotions and validate her in some way? But more likely, her own words become true for herself, too: everyone has a story, but not everyone should tell it.

Who decides if a story is worth hearing? Who is to say that one’s feelings are more valid than others? Who decides those things?

A circle of words; of never changing simple words can have as much (if not more) impact than complicated vocabulary.


Gil Ofarim – Vom Ende der Traurigkeit


A mom had a bad day. She was in pain, and her established plans for the kids to help with household chores were ignored. She did everything on her own and in pain. She made dinner. Watched a movie with the kids and an episode of Alf, and while her older daughter chose to go to bed, her younger daughter needed more cuddles. And the young ten-year-old began talking about death and how hard it is to lose people. Mom had a couple of drinks with dinner and didn’t approve of the girl’s way of thinking. She reminded her daughter that every end is a beginning, and every bad thing that happens now is part of a journey and part of a bigger picture.
Everything happens for a reason; even the ugliest moments teach us lessons and help us evolve. And then mom said that the best thing that ever happened in her life was the birth of her three kids. Every kid came at exactly the right moment, and every kid made a better person out of mom, teaching her a lot about life, the world, and her purpose. The daughter listened with tears in her eyes, and mom got worried, telling her child that every emotion is always valid and should be felt, at least for a little while. Feeling is important. But the kid shook her head. “I am not sad,” she said. “I am just touched by your words.” And inside mom’s head, thoughts just exploded. She was overwhelmed with pride for her kids. “This is the best moment of my life,” the ten-year-old girl said and hugged her mom tightly. Mom was at a loss for words and close to tears herself. Everything was just very emotional and intense, but in such a good way. And mom knew when her daughter finally went to bed that they had just shared a life-altering moment. A positive moment where mom had shared some of her eccentricities with her youngest daughter, a young girl who needed to hear those words that moment, because: everything happens at exactly the right moment in time, even if we can’t see the whole picture yet.

It was the most intense parenting moment in recent times without feeling like parenting at all.


Matthew Ryan – maybe I’ll disappear (from the album “Hustle Up Starlings”, 2017)

Fatboy Slim – right here, right now (from the album “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”, 1998)

Monday Song

Daniel Balthasar – somebody’s somebody

Daniel Balthasar is a Luxembourgish singer/songwriter. He has been active on the local music scene for quite a while, as a solo artist as well as a member of the band Blue Room (a band I shared a while back).

The above song is his latest release, available on Spotify, Apple music, and on YouTube.

Personally, I like the song a lot. I hope you do too.

Have a great week. xx

Wednesday Song

Anathema – everything

Anathema was a British band that evolved a lot during the decades they made music together. Their beginnings were in doom metal, a sound and genre far removed from the above song.

There is a positivity in this particular song that makes me smile and feel serene. There is an energy and an emotive imagery that sends me off into a serene moment. It’s just one of those songs, I guess…

“Everything” is taken from the album “We’re Here Because We’re Here” (2010). In 2020, the album was reissued. “We’re Here Because We’re Here” might be one of the most important records of Anathema’s discography. It opened the doors to a more progressive, fuller sound.

Anathema – we’re here because we’re here (10th anniversary edition)
handwritten lyric sheet

Tuesday Song

Worriedaboutsatan – point of departure

From the album Time Lapse (2020)

worriedaboutsatan is Gavin Miller’s project. The British musician creates soundscapes that can be very meditative or very unsettling, varying from post-rock to electronic and even metal once in a while. A very prolific artist, he is constantly creating and releasing new music. Some of worriedaboutsatan’s work from the album Blank Tape was used in a BBC documentary about Ian Curtis.

worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse
You can’t see it well on the above picture,
but the vinyl is actually green.


Monday Song

Her Name is Calla – dead rift

Her Name is Calla was a British band. Their style was not easily labelled and their songs ranged from 20min long post-rock songs to more poppier songs.

The above song was taken from Her Name is Calla’s last studio album, “Animal Choir” (2018). With a dedicated fanbase all over Europe, the band is dearly missed by its fans. But solace can be taken by the fact that the members still make music and they split amicably at the height of their career. Her Name is Calla was not a full-time band, and it is what ultimately made them give up the project in favour of their families and day jobs. But T E Morris (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Weikie (drummer/backing vocals/every instrument you can think of) are still out there, and I bet the other members of the band are too.

“Animal Choir” is a versatile album that I highly recommend. You will be in for a surprise or two.

Her Name is Calla – animal choir