Tuesday Song

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, listen to this on high volume. (Loud!)

I love this song, it is almost as old as I am. It inspired many musicians and… I remember that it was played when I was a child. I remember the cover of the vinyl record. Blue with Mark Knopfler’s silver steel guitar. It’s probably just a coincidence, but I’ve seen the clip of this song several times in a couple of days… It never fails to pull at all the right strings inside me. Today is no exception.

So, if you like this kind of music, listen to this song and enjoy it. Forget the world for a moment.

Funnily enough, while I am writing this post I am watching music television. Tears for Fears is on. Change is the song, from 1985 (same year as brothers in arms) and in the clip there is a steel guitar too.

I love coincidences like that… 💜

Wednesday Music

Hammock- cruel sparks

From the album “the longest year, 2011”.

Hammock are an American duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Their genre is a mix of shoe-gazing, ambient, electronic, and neo-classical. That’s difficult for: their music is relaxing and meditation is easy with them on the turntables.

The album “the longest year” was re-released for its 10th anniversary. It was released on colourful vinyl and I was amongst the lucky ones to grab a unique piece for myself.

Look at those colours!

The nebula edition is handmade which makes every copy a unique and beautiful piece.

Anyway… I had a quiet day. I am tired, under the weather, and just a little empty while overflowing. As you probably noticed, I deleted or drafted many of my recent posts and also decided to go quieter again. I mean… I take up space and time, and you could spend that time learning something, helping someone, reading something that makes you laugh…

Be kind and take good care of yourselves.

Flash #3

Fake it till you make it. Fake it till you break down. But what if, against all odds, everything will be okay? What if we are our biggest enemies? What if we put ourselves down so that others won’t do it?

What if we are wonderful the way we are? What if we give back more than is asked and more than we even know? What if everything is better than we think it is?

And what if it only looks as if everything is great and working out? What if we are breaking down under the pressure we feel? What if nothing is what it seems?


Pearl Jam – nothing as it seems

And this, my dear friends and readers, is my favourite Pearl Jam song. (Next to Pendulum)

Saturday Song

T E Morris – after the war ends

From the album “And You Were The Hunter” (2013). It turned out that it is not easiest to find T E Morris’ songs on the web. I wanted to share a different song at first from my Bandcamp collection, but it’s a hidden album, like most of Tom’s discography. It’s a shame, really, because there are so many beautiful gems hidden away from a bigger audience.

T E Morris is a very prolific musician who used to play with Her Name is Calla. His music is gentle, raw, and not for fragile minds. There are so many emotions in his songs that it is not seldom for me to be surprised by a wave of tears. T E Morris’ voice can be strong and confident and turns into something very frail just mere moments later. His lyrics are nothing short of poetry, and overall, he is just a very creative mind. He is also the man who brings magical hugs to Brussels and puts broken pieces back together without intent or knowing it.

As a musician, he caught my eye around the same time Our Ceasing Voice did. I saw an exchange of them on Twitter and decided to check this humble artist out. And I liked what I heard a lot. At that time, T E Morris played regular live streams, too, very good ones. He has a way to express himself with music that only few have. A very underrated artist, in my opinion.

T E Morris – and you were the hunter