A Life in Frames

A Life in Frames is my most accessible and versatile publication to date.

In this book, you can find many short stories as well as flash fiction and one or two poems. The stories are about life and death, love and joy, darkness and sadness. They are moments in the life of the characters who often stay nameless. For me, it showcases my writing abilities best because this collection is not prose and not lyric… It is an eclectic mix of both.

About the cover: as always with my books, I took the picture myself. It is a street lamp shot in the dark. Enhanced by a couple of filters.

About the title: A Life in Frames sounds a bit off or weird at first glance, but it makes sense. We like to take pictures of moments in our lives and put them in an album or hang them on our walls. These are moments like that, just in written form.

As most often, every piece of writing in A Life in Frames is fiction. But there are always little hints and pieces of me in every word I write.

If you are interested in a paperback copy of the book you should know this: I ship worldwide. The price is set at $18 (15€, £13) shipping and handling is included – no hidden or additional costs.

How can you go about purchasing a copy of this absolutely brilliant anthology? Well, there are a couple of ways:

  1. the Amazon is the easiest put least personal
  2. Use this very blog. There is a purchase button if you scroll all the way down on mobile or desktop version of WordPress. You will receive a signed copy with a handwritten note
  3. Send the money via Pay Pal to cathy@boom.lu, mention which book you want and verify that your name and address are correct.

Easy as cake, right?

What are you waiting for?

Remember! You matter; you are loved.


Unquiet Minds and Writing Notes

It’s me again… your favourite poet. Today I shipped 10 copies of Unquiet Minds and two of Writing Notes all around the globe.
Unquiet Minds – amazon               Writing Notes – amazon

Notice the different names… one is my real name, the other is my alias and the name of this blog too.

I offer signed copies of my books. Shipping in Europe is 2,90€. Shipping to the rest of the world is 4,10€. Payment should be made with PayPal.

I am still in the early days of this all and I am figuring it out as I am progressing. Learning by doing, it’s called, isn’t it.

When I stood in line at the post-office this afternoon, I had a thought that isn’t leaving me ever since: Evidence of my existence is being spread across the world right now. Isn’t that weird? My book will be in the hands of a reader in Brazil. His friends might be curious about the cover and even if they are not… if he doesn’t throw the book away, if it is not destroyed or sold into a different country, there will be a copy of my book in Brazil. It is such a humbling feeling. Exciting too.

Today, I shipped out to New South Wales (Australia), Brazil, Colorado (US), Texas (US), Manchester (UK), 2x London (UK), New York (US), Canada, Greece, Luxembourg. All these people will receive their signed copy of my book with a personal note inside.

If you want one too, get in touch… and we will make it happen.

I was approached to pay 100$ for 4 reviews… I declined. I know that I need publicity for my books, but I would rather have genuine reviews from people who willingly emerge themselves in my poetry than any other review.

Also, I finally dared to share the book with my family and friends on FB. The support was surprising. A member of our regional council offered to sell Unquiet Minds at our town hall in support of the local arts. Apparently, I am only one of two published authors in my municipality. We’ll see where that leads.

And, I have to admit that I am a huge coward though… My neighbour offered to sell my book to friends and whoever enters her bar. I don’t know her well. Only drank twice with her, lol. I didn’t dare to bring her the copies she asked for. I feel weird doing it, although I also know that her offer is genuine. Just the act of ringing the bell at a neighbour’s who you don’t know all that well and asking for such a huge favour… it’s not in my nature. So, if you would like to help me out here, be my guest. I am one of those who stands in her own ways too many times. But, whatever… this is not one of those posts.

Remember, shipping worldwide. Signed if you want to. Or simply order on amazon. It is good contemporary poetry. Give it a try.

Thank you, Cathy

Unquiet Minds

I bring to you, Unquiet Minds. A poetry collection written over the last six years.

Unquiet Minds

This is the link to buy the ebook version from smashwords. The kindle and paperback versions will go live in 72 hours. Keep your eyes on the blog. I will share a link once it is live.

Thank you for your support. Share this book with your friends and followers, please.




So… Today I did something quite impulsive… I published a book. It is pay what you want and if you are a regular reader you might have seen this or that entry before. But… I would love it if you took a look. The book is pay what you want. If you can, give a little change, if you don’t, please just share the book with your friends.

I am excited and freaking out at the same time.

Here are the links.

Catherine Micqu’s Smashwords Author Profile: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/micqu

Writing Notes:


PS: it’s National Day in Luxembourg. We are celebrating our Grand-Duke’s birthday.