A reason to believe in forever

I tried to feel the pain
Keeping me from being free
I cried in the rain
To clear my head and see
I felt the past again
And drowned into me.

But the emptiness
Is preceded by overflowing madness
And the pressure grows
Trembling body 
Filled by a mind that can’t sit still
And I can’t get away.

Sing me a song
With words that have never been told
Make me moan
With pleasure, make me feel like gold
Then leave me alone
You are not mine to hold.

One day you will be back
In my arms, where your are safe
We will float
Because these feelings
Cannot be erased
And the memories will never fade.

dream mind

My dream mind is rising from the ashes
Covered in lust and smoke
I never knew how love could feel.
Every corner of my heart is taken by you,
Filled holes and wounds
Forgot how to escape your safety.
And as a storm is kissing my thoughts
Naked and raw
A veil of tranquility floats down on me.
From the corner of my sleeping eyes
I see you in the dark
We are not allowed to feel this way
But we are a part of each other’s dust and
We came too far to let go.


Angels sitting on my chest

Forgetting to allow me to rest

I hear them singing out of tune

Telling me that I will meet them – soon.

I hide in the oncoming traffic

Disembodied. Soulless. Tragic?

Tears spill on thoughts I never had

I store them away in an overflowing bag.

Black clouds are frozen in place

If I keep going, I won’t leave a trace

My mind is sore from the voices inside

And still, there is no sleep in sight.

I am in you

I am in you
Moving back and forth
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything
Look at the way we are
United at the core.

I am in you
Caressing your soul
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you anything
Returning every thought
Making you forget.

I am in you
Kissing old pain away
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything
Just show you the light inside,
I will never leave.

I am in you
Your hand in mine
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you anything;
Blow the darkness away
I will always be there.

I am in you
A fantasy that’s real
There is no one else you need
I’ll give you everything;
My kingdom in your palms
Always, former. I’m yours.

unumgänglich/inevitable (20200206)

Horizonte verglühen hinter unüberwindbare Wellen die sich am grauen Firmament spiegeln. Furchtgetränkt sind unsere verkümmerten Finger, sie umklammern das letzte verheißungsvolle Teilchen welches unser Ich zusammen hält . Die Zukunft verweht mit jedem verzweifelt hervorgepreßten Atemstoß. Ungewissheit trübt unsere Sinne. Und dennoch schreiten wir weiter; knien nicht vor den Zungen der Vernunft. Das Hirn ist überfüllt mit Ware die wir weder wollen, noch brauchen; der Blick geht ins Leere. Farben verblassen. Die Völlerei hat uns krank gemacht. Und schlussendlich verschließen wir unsere nackten Augen und werden zu vergessenen Erinnerungen die irgendwann einmal in unbekannten Tränen ertranken.


Horizons glow behind insurmountable waves that are reflected in the gray sky.  Our stunted fingers are soaked with fear; they cling to the last promising particle that holds our ego together.  The future blows away with every breath that is desperately pressed out between our lips. Uncertainty tarnishes our senses.  And yet we keep going;  we don’t kneel before the tongues of reason. Our brains are overflowing with goods that we neither want nor need;  Empty gaze — colors fade.  Gluttony made us sick.  And finally, we close our naked eyes and turn into forgotten memories that are drowned in unknown tears.


I learned to breathe while hidden under heavy stones

Now I know who I am and remember the light in you

I will be yours forevermore.

And I crawl out of my safe cage, scraped knees, and bleeding hands

There is only one place where I want to be

I will be yours forevermore.

That light shines bright through all your cracks

It’s illuminating my dark specks. And I know

I will be yours forevermore. 

We should be scared; we should run away, as fast as we can

But my missing piece is you; your missing piece is me

I will be yours forevermore.

They don’t understand the way you complete me

The way I heal you. Even though it is plain to see:

You will be mine forevermore.

How did I get there?

I drove into the unknown
Hiding under rainbow bridges
If I had known my destination
I would have… No! Never mind.
The wind kissing my feathers
Sent me farther and farther 
Away from myself.
The moon was burning 
And the sun felt cold
But I kept swimming on clouds.
Shadows hugged me like a blanket
And the rain caressed my naked skin
I should have given up, but I couldn’t.
In a river of silent gold, 
my stone heart melted.
The reflection changed
yet stayed the same.
A whirlwind of thoughts tried to trick me
Into running and hiding away
But I had arrived and reached the end
I was there; there where I belonged.
I breathed the free air and
listened to the thunderstorm.
In my own arms, I had found it;
The one thing that kept
slipping through my fingers
I found my mind’s elusive peace there.