Monday Song

Death by Chocolate – give us a reason

The Swiss band Death by Chocolate released the above song on their second studio album called “crooked for you” (2017)

I like the energy of this song.


It was a long day with a ten-hour shift, but it was a good one.

Sunday Song

Our Ceasing Voice – until your chest explodes

Taken from the 2013 album “that day next November” by the Austrian band Our Ceasing Voice.

I love that song.


A little thing typically me: i was at work this afternoon. At 8, I took my stuff, said my goodbyes and walked to my car. I start the car and see the time. Couple minutes after 8. And then I realise. I was supposed to work until 9! So… I went back inside. I was asked if I forgot something and I replied: one hour of work. And how was your day. rofl I am home now (Rightfully) and poured myself a large beer. I deserve it.

Friday Song

Shawn Mendes – in my blood

From the 2018 album called Shawn Mendes.

Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
No medicine is strong enough
Someone help me
I’m crawling in my skin
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can’t

Shawn Mendes – in my blood


Another surprise song, I guess. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.

Wednesday Song

Jean-Michel Jarre – Γ©quinoxe part 3

Song taken from the 1978 album: equinoxe.

Jean-Michel Jarre is a French composer who is considered by many as a pioneer in synthesizer music and new-age.

His most know song is probably this one:

Oxygène part 4 (1976)

Why that song? Well… It’s September 22nd. It’s equinox. It means, the day and the night are equally long today. If the weather is right, you can see amazing sunrises or sunsets on this day.

Like this one from September 2014:

I had a beautiful view where I lived before.

Tuesday Song

Chris Rea – Let’s dance

The song is from the 1987 record called “Dancing with Strangers”. It was the ninth studio album this Brit released.

Chris Rea seems to be a right fighter, he survived pancreatic cancer and a stroke and still, he continues to release new music. (His latest release was in 2019)

I grew up with the music of Chris Rea; he was my mom’s favourite musician. A while ago, I received all her old vinyls. They made me discover Marillion, who I listen to all the time now, and also Chris Rea. I knew and still know many songs – I guess kids kind of soak these things up, even unconsciously.

The biggest difference between the live version of “Let’s Dance” and the studio version seems to be the pace of the famous guitar riff. Chris’s voice is like honey caramel in both.


I’ve been awake since 3:30 am. It is 8:15 pm now. Apparently, I am funny when I am sleep-deprived. I worked a ten-hour shift, and when I came home, the kids were waiting to tell me about their days and that we need to go shopping for school material soon. There was nothing done; not even the table was wiped from breakfast when I came home at 4:30 pm. I was not happy, but I decided to be calm about it. I am too tired to be anything but relax.

Sunday Song

Kelly Jones – maybe tomorrow

Kelly Jones is the singer of the Welsh band Stereophonics. A documentary about his struggles and the fact that he was about to lose his voice due to cysts on his vocal chords was filmed in 2019. All the while he played concerts and kept everything private so as not to threaten his career. The film by Ben Lowe was only shown in few British theaters. The concert that was recorded during this time was released as one of the most intimate live albums I ever heard: don’t let the devil take another day (2020)

It is filled with little anecdotes, funny ones, sad ones, and it retraces Kelly’s musical journey.

A must for everyone who enjoys Stereophonics and Kelly Jones’ voice.

I own every studio album of the Stereophonics and saw them live at least 5 times. And they were always awesome. It was a no-brainer to preorder this record last fall, and I was not disappointed. Kelly Jones really has an awesome voice.

Enjoy this slow version of this beautiful song.


Satursong Day

Anathema – the optimist

This song is taken from the last studio album this British band released in 2017: the Optimist. Anathema were hit pretty hard by the pandemic and decided to call in quits in 2020.

This song starts a bit weak, i think, but there is an awesome build-up that makes up for it.

Anathema is the band that influenced my writing style the most, I’d say.

We ride on hearts
Design our world
Let go of you and I
Run for our lives
Don’t look behind

Anathema – the Optimist

You probably noticed that I am sharing daily music again… As always, i am only sharing music I like, that has memory and meaning.

I wish you a great weekend. xx

Friday Song

White Lies – big TV

Today’s song is from an album called “Big TV” which was released in 2013. “Big TV” was the third studio album of this British band. Their sound goes a bit in the direction of The National or Editors. But maybe that’s just because of the vocals. I like that deep baritone voice.

The first time I heard White Lies was when they were in a Spotify playlist (made for you). I took an immediate liking to them. I hope you like today’s song.

Big hugs…

This is the only album I own of White Lies. Five (2019)

Thursday Song

Michal Lapaj (feat. Mick Moss) – shattered memories

The above song is taken from Michal’s solo debut called “Are You There”, released in June 2021.

Michal Lapaj is the keyboarder for the Polish band Riverside. Their genre is rock and prog-rock mainly. The above song goes a bit in that direction with Mick Moss of Antimatter on vocals – everyone who follows this blog for the music knows that I am a fan of Mick’s voice and his music.

But don’t be fooled. There are ten tracks on “Are You There” and only three have vocals. This is a very awesome release; I have to say. I bought it blindly because of Mick and pieces he shared on Instagram, but wow… I was in for a lot more than I expected. Michal creates a unique ambience, melancholy and hopeful at once. Some songs almost feel claustrophobic to me, but I like emotive music. Electronic, ambient, instrumental, experimental, but not without rockier influences. The album is something else and highly underrated.

I try to hear your voice from afar

Shattered memories fade away

I don’t want to fight these ghosts anymore

Paulina Kimbar-Lapaj – shattered memories (sung by Mick Moss)

Monday Song

Madrugada – nobody loves you like I do

This song is fresh off the press, released on September 9th, 2021

Madrugada is a Norwegian band that was formed in 1993. Ever since they made music, but with the unexpected death of band member Robert BurΓ₯s in 2007, they decided to complete their self-titled album Madrugada, go on a farewell tour, and then split. However, in 2018, the band announced via social media that they joined forces again, and soon after, they went on an extensive tour. Work on a new album began, and the above song is a result of the work.

Sivert HΓΈyem’s vocals are flawless, as we are used with his solo project too. With Jon Lauvland Petterson, the original drummer is back too (he left in 2002). Frode Jacobsen is on the bass again. Officially, Robert BurΓ₯s was not replaced, but there was a session musician involved, of course.

Madrugada is a bluesy kind of band with indie and alternative influences. Personally, I was introduced to their music on my wedding day. A plus one pushed a mixtape (actually, it was a CD) in my hand when he said his congratulations. Several Madrugada songs were on this CD, and I was almost immediately sold for this project. And Sivert’s voice – admittedly, one of my favourite voices in music today.

The above song is slow compared to older albums, and since we humans have to compare everything, this song reminded me faintly of Sade. πŸ’œ

Anyway… I decided to post less, and yet, here I am, sharing a song. But it is new, and I am pretty confident that you will appreciate it.