With or without lyrics

Depending on my mood and mind, I listen to music with or without lyrics. Not long ago, someone said to me that they disregard lyrics when listening to music, but they also don’t like to listen to instrumental music – not postrock, not ambient, not classic. They listen to mainstream music and are touched too, but on a completely different level than I am.

I listen to instrumental music to write, and the tone of the music, the melody, the tempo, the intensity, they guide my words and writing.

I also listen to a lot of other music – I am not limited to a particular genre, though I have favourites too. If there are lyrics, they have to be powerful and inspire stories or poems in my head. It doesn’t matter which genre it is.

Is it because I am a writer that I think lyrics matter? Is it because I am a writer that I admire music without lyrics?

I try keeping an open mind when it comes to music and genres. Not everything is for me, and I am quite picky and peculiar. I know what I like and what I don’t like. For me, music needs to touch something in me. It needs to make me feel, and it doesn’t matter if other listeners like it; for me, it is a subjective experience.

Not long ago, I was asked to write a review for an album that was released yesterday. ‘Are you in love?’ by Basia Bulat. It was published on a blog called ‘At the Barrier’. I felt humbled and proud that the creator of that site offered me to write about music. And apparently, I am not all that bad because he got in touch again and sent new music to review. It feels surreal, but maybe I was made to do this, it comes naturally to me, and there is always this melody or that lyric, this tune or that progression that I like or can imagine other listeners to like.

There are days when I am like music without lyrics. Intense but raw and real, overwhelming too. On other days I am like music with lyrics. Chatty, bubbly, always real, but a bit shallow.

Some people say that there is no good new music. I say: there is a lot of talent, often enough it is hidden and not what mainstream charts suggest. But if you stay curious and open-minded, you can find beautiful music and talented artists that touch you on every corner.

Music is a passion, and I understand that others don’t share it, but for me, music is like a life’s breath. I need it to exist. It saved me more than once, and it keeps me sane.

Here I am, a 37-year-old woman. Mother, wife, educator, writer, poet, lover, and I admit that music is what keeps me alive.

What is your biggest passion?

Song of the Day (Saturday)

Annie Lennox – Money can’t buy it

This song is from the album Diva, 1992 (Arista Records)

If I am asked about my favourite female singer, I will reply: Annie Lennox. She is an awesome singer and I like the person she is. The humanitarian and the fighter. I really like her.

It is Saturday, I am still in bed. The sun is shining through the blinds, and I can hear some kind of normalcy outside. Birds and lawnmowers. There was the sound of a car accelerating on road, and the noise of a plane getting ready for takeoff.

If I didn’t know about our new normal, I wouldn’t suspect anything being different. It is a scary thought. Because, nothing is the same anymore.

Phew… Heavy thoughts this morning. I wish you all a nice day.



Song of the Day (Thursday)

The Cure – trust


From the album “Wish” released in 1992.

There’s no-one left in the world
That I can hold onto
There is really no-one left at all
There is only you
And if you leave me now
You leave all that we were
There is really no-one left
You are the only one
And still the hardest part for you
To put your trust in me
I love you more than I can say
Why won’t you just believe?
Lyrics by the Cure.
I love the Cure. Not everything, but most. “Pictures of You” is another favourite. Trivial fact: both my favourite albums of The Cure aren’t on Spotify: “wish” and “bloodflowers”
It is 9:25 in the morning, and my mood is not the best. My shoulder hurts, and my mind does too.
I am irritated and really not ready to face the world today. But the house is filled with people and I don’t have anywhere to hide.
If you need me, a chat, a distraction… I am here and you can find me on my social media channels. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. ❤

Album Cover Challenge

My good friend Ollie invited me to take part in a challenge. In the next ten days, I will share a picture of an album cover daily. These records changed my life and made helped shaping the person I am today. There will be no explanation, but questions are allowed.

Let’s begin.

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