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If you use Spotify, take a look at this playlist. It has many many many songs (over 1100 songs to be exact.) It is a mix of what I like to hear and you can find a mix of very different genres. Once in a while, I delete songs that I grew tired of or skip too often, but for every deleted song, there are two added and that’s how the list grew. I hear a song and I add it to that list. I have other private lists, but this one is the one I used daily.

Have fun exploring… and share your thoughts.



Inspired by the A to Z challenge, I will post an A to Z of albums I own, and I have an extensive record collection. I will go with the flow and share the first that comes to my mind. The first time I noticed that I can complete an A to Z with my CD collection was when I moved houses in December 2017. There will follow many different genres of music and at one time in my life, I listened to it. I would love some feedback about this list. Do you know the albums? The songs? Do you like them? Are there surprises? Obvious albums or songs?


Agent Fresco – a long time listening



Bon Jovi – keep the faith



Coldplay – a rush of b-sides to the head



Depeche Mode – songs of faith and devotion



East 17 – steam



Fink – Perfect Darkness



Gazpacho – night



Her Name is Calla – the quiet lamb






John Frusciante with Josh Klinghoffer – Inside of Emptiness



Kings of Leon – Only by the Night



Long Distance Calling – Avoid the Light



Matthew Ryan – May Day



Nina Simone – finest hour



Olafur Arnalds – For Now I Am Winter



Pink Floyd – the Division Bell



Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf



Radiohead – OK Computer OKNotOK



Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead



The Twilight Sad – Forget the Night Ahead



U2 – Joshua Tree



Veils (the) – the runway found



Woven Hand – Woven Hand



Xenia Rubinos – Magic Trix



Yuck – Yuck



Zazie (French singer) – totem



I added songs today. The songs appear on the mentioned albums. None of the links or songs are mine. I bought the albums and have their physical copies on my shelves, but the shared links belong to the respective owners.

Do you have music to complete an AtoZ in your collection? Care to share? ❤

Song of the Day (Sunday) (it’s 8:02pm)

Agent Fresco – autumn red

This song was on the 2015 masterpiece “Destrier”. (record records). Genre is Prog Rock and these Icelandic gentlemen know how to do it.

I can’t let you fall asleep

Keep your eyes on me

Keep your eyes on me

Can we all agree

Our dreaming tree bleeds

Agent Fresco – autumn red (they write poetry)

Grab your seat and enjoy.

With or without lyrics

Depending on my mood and mind, I listen to music with or without lyrics. Not long ago, someone said to me that they disregard lyrics when listening to music, but they also don’t like to listen to instrumental music – not postrock, not ambient, not classic. They listen to mainstream music and are touched too, but on a completely different level than I am.

I listen to instrumental music to write, and the tone of the music, the melody, the tempo, the intensity, they guide my words and writing.

I also listen to a lot of other music – I am not limited to a particular genre, though I have favourites too. If there are lyrics, they have to be powerful and inspire stories or poems in my head. It doesn’t matter which genre it is.

Is it because I am a writer that I think lyrics matter? Is it because I am a writer that I admire music without lyrics?

I try keeping an open mind when it comes to music and genres. Not everything is for me, and I am quite picky and peculiar. I know what I like and what I don’t like. For me, music needs to touch something in me. It needs to make me feel, and it doesn’t matter if other listeners like it; for me, it is a subjective experience.

Not long ago, I was asked to write a review for an album that was released yesterday. ‘Are you in love?’ by Basia Bulat. It was published on a blog called ‘At the Barrier’. I felt humbled and proud that the creator of that site offered me to write about music. And apparently, I am not all that bad because he got in touch again and sent new music to review. It feels surreal, but maybe I was made to do this, it comes naturally to me, and there is always this melody or that lyric, this tune or that progression that I like or can imagine other listeners to like.

There are days when I am like music without lyrics. Intense but raw and real, overwhelming too. On other days I am like music with lyrics. Chatty, bubbly, always real, but a bit shallow.

Some people say that there is no good new music. I say: there is a lot of talent, often enough it is hidden and not what mainstream charts suggest. But if you stay curious and open-minded, you can find beautiful music and talented artists that touch you on every corner.

Music is a passion, and I understand that others don’t share it, but for me, music is like a life’s breath. I need it to exist. It saved me more than once, and it keeps me sane.

Here I am, a 37-year-old woman. Mother, wife, educator, writer, poet, lover, and I admit that music is what keeps me alive.

What is your biggest passion?

Song of the Day (Saturday)

Annie Lennox – Money can’t buy it

This song is from the album Diva, 1992 (Arista Records)

If I am asked about my favourite female singer, I will reply: Annie Lennox. She is an awesome singer and I like the person she is. The humanitarian and the fighter. I really like her.

It is Saturday, I am still in bed. The sun is shining through the blinds, and I can hear some kind of normalcy outside. Birds and lawnmowers. There was the sound of a car accelerating on road, and the noise of a plane getting ready for takeoff.

If I didn’t know about our new normal, I wouldn’t suspect anything being different. It is a scary thought. Because, nothing is the same anymore.

Phew… Heavy thoughts this morning. I wish you all a nice day.



Song of the Day (Friday)

Oops… I forgot to put all these last posts in their rightful category… After work, I will see to that. Thank you to every one who sneaks in daily. It is a pleasure.

Head Automatica – beating heart baby


The album “beating heart baby” was released on Warner Music in 2006. It’s an uptempo song that should make you dance, or jump, or at least no your head. 🙂

Mood’s still meh, but not coming from inside me, but because I don’t understand people. Well, I do. I understand them, but I can’t understand who they hurt each other willingly in the most vile way.

Which reminds me… I need to reply to a text message; wouldn’t want them to think I ignore them.

Take care and all the usual rest,


song of the day (Thursday)

Paradise Lost – one second


One of the easier songs (most accessible) from this British band. The album “One Second” was released in 1997 on the label Music for Nations.

And while I am fighting technical issues (homeschooling related) today, I was most unproductive so far and irritated too. Cursing under my breath in the kids’ presence.  And, the above song is also the first song I am hearing today.

I am releasing a deep sigh as my cursor hovers over the publish button. *click*

Album 9/10

Day 9. 10 days, 10 albums.

I will share an album that shaped me. But I will not explain anything. Questions are allowed. Ollie nominated me for this challenge. He is an awesome writer, and a beautiful human.