Monday Song

Sigur Ròs – untitled #4 (Njósnavélin)

This song is taken from the third studio album of this Icelandic post-rock band: () released in 2002. The album, as well as all the songs are untitled and the lyrics are sung in “Hopelandic”, a language consisting of gibberish words, reminescent of the language of elves.

My day was filled with nothingness, which brings me to the song and the name it was given a while after the release “Njósnavélin” is also known as “the nothing song”.

Sigur Ròs – () (2002)

Tomorrow, I will be back at work for a ten hour shift… Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

Rockhal Challenge – Day 12

Day 12: a song from your childhood.

I grew up in a house of adults—grand-parents, two uncles, one aunt, my mom, my sister, and me. For me, they were all old, of course, but they were all really rather young. My first memories go back to 1987. I was four years old. My uncles were 25 and 22 years old. (My mom was 27). They listened to a lot of music. Pink Floyd, Queen, Dire Straits, Blondie, those are only a few artists I remember from my childhood. A song that stood out was this one:

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

From the album with the same name “Brothers in Arms” (1985, Air Records), I remember the blue album sleeve with the steel guitar and how it stood next to the television. I remember my uncles and my mom sitting in the living room, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and listening to their records. I can’t say with certainty that the image of them sitting, smoking, and drinking is the same as the memory of the album cover next to the television, though.

Years later, vinyl was replaced by CDs, and one of my uncles had moved out. The older one liked drinking a lot. And when he did, he became reminiscent of the old times. He held discourses about how old music was the only real music. He would drunkenly mumble lyrics and move his hands in a particular manner. He wasn’t dancing, just his hands were. I don’t know what happened and why he took up drinking. I am not in touch with him even though we lived together until I moved out in 2004. It is what it is.

I don’t have many good memories of my childhood. I don’t feel a connection with my family, but it has to be said; every member of my family liked music in a way. And that is something that shaped me from an early age on. As a kid, I was not aware that other children didn’t listen to music; as a teenager, I couldn’t relate to girls shopping for clothes instead of music. And still today, I soak up insignificant information about musicians and music that is really rather useless. And yet, it means something to me. And if given the opportunity, I will ramble on and on about it.

Both of my self-imposed challenges will end soon— four more post in the A to Z writing challenge, and only two more songs in this Song of the Day challenge. Tomorrow’s song will be the hardest to pick. I have been thinking about it for a while, and I can’t come up with a song that describes me. Do you have any suggestions? Which song would you choose to describe me?

Have a great weekend.


Rockhal Challenge – Day 7


A song that’s covered by another artist

Seems I am moving too fast, yesterday’s song was a cover too.

First the original, then the cover:

Nina Simone – be my husband


Jeff Buckley’s version:


I first heard Nina Simone when I was in highschool (Lycée, we called it). My best friend listened to her a lot and I appreciated some songs too. Years later, we lost sight of each other, I was listening to an Etta James playlist on YouTube and Nina came on. I was delighted and transported back into a time when I was fifteen.

Jeff Buckley caught my attention after the songwriter of Our Ceasing Voice (an Austrian post-rock band) shared a playlist of songs that inspired him. There were a couple of new artists for me, Her Name is Calla and Jeff Buckley are those that stayed with me after all these years. (This must have been around 2013). For a while, Jeff Buckley’s music played when I wrote my stories and novels. For some scenes, this soundtrack set a sensual backdrop and they were easily written that way.

And because I like you and think you deserve something brilliant on this Monday, I will add another cover. I am sure you know the original of this song:

Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella

I like this version a lot. I am not a huge Rhianna fan, her voice is not my cup of tea and the genre of music receives less attention from me anyway. I am trying to stay openminded though (and I like to believe that I am.)

Have a great week.



Rockhal Challenge – Day 4

A song by a band you wish was still together.

The first band that comes to my mind is Madrugada, but they toured together this year. Then I thought about Pink Floyd and Genesis. And I wonder if my notion is wrong. Semantics? Is a change in lineup a different band?

I gave this a lot of thought, and I didn’t come to a conclusion. And now, here is my pick:

The Beatles – a day in the life

From the album: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band (1967, Parlophone). This song is my favourite Beatles song, although I also enjoy many other songs too. The Beatles were a phenomenon, and they still are right now.

What song would you have picked? From the Beatles or any other band that isn’t anymore?


PS: this post was scheduled

music (what else) (a to z)


Unimportant thoughts

Silenced for minutes

Intimate moments born from melodies

Carefully taking me on a journey in my mind.


Music has been my savour more often than not. It offered sanity and moments of clarity when my brain is a puddle of mudd. It makes me fly, and it makes me drown. It allows me to feel when I am not sure if I can handle my emotions. It soothes me when I am overwhelmed by every breath. I found an old radio when I was 8. It was red, and its edges (made from plastic) where chipped. It was my most valuable possession until I received my first hifi-set.

My radio looked a lot like this one from Grundig, but it was red and the front was lighter.

Music was my first love, and it will be my last. I do know that there are many people who don’t care about music, and to those I apologise, my blog is very music-related these days.

I hope that you find songs you like, if you do, please don’t be silent. I am aware though that “my” music is special, eclectic, weird… Thank you for sticking with me.

New Challenge – Day One


The biggest musical venue in Luxembourg launched a challenge on their Instagram account. I like challenges, but I can’t follow rules well. Instead of sharing this on IG, I will share it here. Feel free to share along.

A song that motivates me:

Paul Kalkbrenner – sky and sand


From the album “Berlin Calling” (2008, Bpitch Control). Lyrics on the song are sung by Fritz Kalkbrenner who is also a DJ and producer, and Paul’s younger brother.


song of the day

Keaton Henson – the pugilist

From the album “Kindly Now” (2016, The Orchard Music)

When I first listened to this record, this song immediately touched me. The lyrics hit home. I like it when that happens. I don’t remember much of one other songs from the album, is it good or not, honestly, I can’t say. Maybe I should listen to it again?!

Have a great Monday. We are still alive, and we are the oldest we have ever been.

PS: pugilist actually means professional boxer, it is used as fighter in this song. Don’t forget me.

song of the day

Dry the River – satellite mind

This is a cover from a band called Metric. This song was recorded and released for a project called “Good People Rock”. It was a compilation of cover songs and funded through a crowdfunding campaign, on Pledge Music, I believe.

Here is the original:

Metric – satellite mind

From an album called “Fantasies” (2009, Chrystal Math)

Enjoy your day.

more music

If you use Spotify, take a look at this playlist. It has many many many songs (over 1100 songs to be exact.) It is a mix of what I like to hear and you can find a mix of very different genres. Once in a while, I delete songs that I grew tired of or skip too often, but for every deleted song, there are two added and that’s how the list grew. I hear a song and I add it to that list. I have other private lists, but this one is the one I used daily.

Have fun exploring… and share your thoughts.



Inspired by the A to Z challenge, I will post an A to Z of albums I own, and I have an extensive record collection. I will go with the flow and share the first that comes to my mind. The first time I noticed that I can complete an A to Z with my CD collection was when I moved houses in December 2017. There will follow many different genres of music and at one time in my life, I listened to it. I would love some feedback about this list. Do you know the albums? The songs? Do you like them? Are there surprises? Obvious albums or songs?


Agent Fresco – a long time listening



Bon Jovi – keep the faith



Coldplay – a rush of b-sides to the head



Depeche Mode – songs of faith and devotion



East 17 – steam



Fink – Perfect Darkness



Gazpacho – night



Her Name is Calla – the quiet lamb






John Frusciante with Josh Klinghoffer – Inside of Emptiness



Kings of Leon – Only by the Night



Long Distance Calling – Avoid the Light



Matthew Ryan – May Day



Nina Simone – finest hour



Olafur Arnalds – For Now I Am Winter



Pink Floyd – the Division Bell



Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf



Radiohead – OK Computer OKNotOK



Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead



The Twilight Sad – Forget the Night Ahead



U2 – Joshua Tree



Veils (the) – the runway found



Woven Hand – Woven Hand



Xenia Rubinos – Magic Trix



Yuck – Yuck



Zazie (French singer) – totem



I added songs today. The songs appear on the mentioned albums. None of the links or songs are mine. I bought the albums and have their physical copies on my shelves, but the shared links belong to the respective owners.

Do you have music to complete an AtoZ in your collection? Care to share? ❤