before dawn

In the green green grass, she sat
Looking into the far far distance

Somewhere on the other side of the world
A lover was waiting for her
Somewhere high up up in the blue blue sky
A twin flame knew her name

Warm warm summer rain was helping her
To grow into her own self

Somewhere; only she understood in which dream
A lover was waiting for her
Somewhere, buried under the birch's roots
A twin flame knew her name

In the dark dark night, she lay
Gazing at the gleaming stars wishing

Somewhere on the other side of the world
A lover was waiting for her
Somewhere high up up in the blue blue sky
A twin flame knew her name.

Falling in and out of dreams

The moon is trying to find a way into my dreams
It paints white shadows onto my naked skin
I am terrified of falling down a hole in my sleep
But you are there to breathe new light into me
I whisper "please don't let me go" against your neck
"Never," you reply;
One simple word that grows inside my soul
Awakening a mysterious feeling of being found.


You kiss the back of my knees
Before you bite my shoulder and
lick your way up my spine
"I'll keep you. You are now mine"
I feel the words against my ear.
Deep inside, I feel complete.
You grab my hands;
Your skin is touching mine from within
Together as one. Just you and me.
As perfect as a moment could be.
We are lazy lovers in the morning sun.

forever wounds

All I've ever known was the storm and the rain
Uprooted early on, destined to live in silent pain.
There was no touch, no praise, no maternal love
I was flying yet falling like a featherless dove.
Hopeless, desperate; I ran towards a dire fate;
But something made me slow down and wait.
A spirit's breath and an angel's voice,
Barely heard above the constant noise.
And so I stopped and took heed
Of the little things and my own needs.
The introspection almost pulled me under
As I found myself threatened by roaring thunder.
A hand reached out to me - divine connection;
Something was born from this genuine affection.
In your arms, I grew from a seed into a great big tree
For the first time in my life, being loved was for free.
I'm holding on to this feeling for as long as I can
So that one day, we tell the story of how it all began.
Until then, whispers will fill a river of dreams
Only I can understand and I know what they mean.
Someday, we will walk under the warming sun,
Finally home, safe - with no reasons to run.
I will break the cycle of indifference and hate
It is worth the fight, I feel it; it is not too late.
But I need you to remind me how to live
Because one day, I need to forget and forgive.
Your thoughts graze my soul and my skin
I take a deep breath, it is time to let the healing begin.


Sometimes I fall out of me and into you. 
I am sure you can feel it too. The lightness and the softness of you and me. The waves that carry us across the sea. All the weightless thoughts that make us fly. High. Higher. Fly! Just try! We catch each other in our darkest dreams. The flame of a candle that gleams. At sunrise, we kiss. It should always be like this.
Sometimes I fall out of me and into you.

La petite mort

Electrify me with your love.
I cannot breathe, I cannot move.
Paralyzed by your inner touch.
It is cold and warm and quiet
And, oh, so loud.
I bite down on my hand - hard
just to remember that I exist.
At the tips of your fingers
I turned into one million pieces
And with a thrust of your hips,
you put me together again.
Share your breathing air with me!
Wake me up with a soul-shattering kiss!
There are no thoughts;
This little death
silenced my overthinking mind
I shiver and quiver,
and gasp until I see the light.
I feel it in every cell, I am
electrified by your love.

growing in the dark

There is sorrow you share and there is comfortable silence too. 
And as we walk hand in hand through the darkness; under the moon's pale hue
There is a hug, so tight that your broken pieces grow back together.
Each breath, each sob lets you become light like a feather.
In my arms, I feel your despair. In my arms, I hold you; I am there.
Just for a moment you allow yourself to be bare, because you know that I care.
Whenever our minds meet, our souls touch. I cannot deny it: I love you. Very much.

Full moon

I am floating on broken hearts
Growing on forgotten pasts.
If I could fly in an ocean
Leave my mind wide open -
But I cannot be a reflection of you
If I did, I would go under too.
How many times must I forget
The exact moment our souls met?
I am nothing without your silent affection.

The moon is round again
Tempting us to pretend
That our bubble will never burst
And that every wrong can be reversed.
But that is not how life works
Old words will always hurt.
We run away to sleep on clouds
Refusing to cover up in shrouds.
A divine reaction of our deep connection.

What is love?

What is love to a child who was never held when they cried?

What is love to an adult who was rejected when they unmasked?

What is love for a person who feels unlovable?

What is love for someone who owns the world?


What is love and why does it lift you up?

What is love and why does it break you down?

What is love and why does your heart skip a beat?

What is love and why do you play that song on repeat?


What is love and why does it hurt?

What is love and who offers it freely?

What is love and why is it so hard?

What is love? Who has an answer to this, really?


What is love?

Who is love?

It is that feeling floating between you and me. There but unseen. It is in us and oozes out of every pore. While we always want more. It is you and me and us and them. It is the air we breathe and the steps we take. It is the thoughts we think and the smiles we give. Love is all we need. It is you and me and us and them.



I’ll keep you out of harm’s way

When you are weathering a bout of agonizing misery, I will protect you with all my might. You are my king, and I am your (k)night. I will engulf you in my dark embrace until you feel comfortable and safe. As long as you trust me to keep you out of harm’s way, I will make all the horrible feelings go away. Your demons cannot find you in my arms; they cannot reach you while you are catching your breath underneath my scars. This moment here, it is not theirs, it is ours. I will defend your mind and share my last breath of air because I love you and I care. And I promise: I will always be there.