There is a paradise in your eyes
And the best part is:
You invited me in.
And now I am drowning
In your words
And floating on your skin.

There is a recognition in your eyes
And your love will be my demise
But I refuse to overanalyse.
I put my trust in your fearless soul
And follow you down every dark hole
We are stardust; together, we are whole.

There is home in your eyes
And the best part is:
I can see myself within.
And now I feel safe
In your arms
And with my head under your chin.

(One from my drafts – I am not sure if I shared it before or not)

Today (a to z)

Today a warm feeling spread inside my skin. I was dancing alone, losing my mind—Sun on my face, you in my heart. Today, I am waiting for the world to understand: I am not running. Not from you, not towards you. Today is not tomorrow; I know that well. My heart is not healed, my mind a fragile dream. Today, I am smiling because you were a part of me. Tomorrow, I will mourn your loss again. Come and go; tomorrow happens every day. And if I break down? I did it my own way. Today, I don’t care and don’t hold back. It was a good day.