Piano Day 2019

It’s the 88th day of the year, that means it is piano day. Nils Frahm invented piano day, and it is on the 88th day because there are 88 keys on a piano.

And in honour of this day, I am sharing this with you.

Weikie (Adam Weikert) – Lantern

And I urge you to listen to James Radcliffe. If you follow this link, you will be able to find extraordinary blog posts and beautiful and intense music.

I wish you a beautiful day filled with good thoughts and beautiful music.

Currently reading…

Currently, I am reading River Dixon’s Colder. I like his poetry – maybe it because it reminds me of my own once in a while? Either way, it’s touching work… Check out his blog: https://thestoriesinbetween.com

Second book on my bedside table is The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. I am not far in, I cannot say anything about it yet… So far thought, the writing is good and easy to read for non-native English speakers (like me).

Other than that…

Thank You and Good Night,


PS: I believe that a good writer needs to read a lot to understand words and their impact…

I must confess…

…that my loneliness/is killing me now/

Sorry… Britney wanted to sing along.

So… My confession.

Yesterday I listened to many records, and I even wrote about it. It felt so good. I still feel the ripples of the music I heard reverberating in my soul.

But… As much as I praised vinyl, I don’t own many records. They are very expensive, and I made a rule to just invest in vinyl that is special to me.

As for CDs… I own close to 2000 of them now. Of course, they don’t look as good (or special or edgy) on pictures than vinyl does.

I wondered today: who cares? No one does. I mean… If music affects me and you can’t relate to that, then it doesn’t matter on which devices I am listening. Plain and simple, no?

Music is my daily companion. And once in a while, like yesterday, I get the chance to immerse myself in. I hadn’t done that in such a long time, and these hours were precious. Priceless, really. As you probably noticed, I shared poems afterwards. Inspired by the music.

When I was a child, I had a walkman. I found an old radio with chipped plastic corners. Later, I got a stereo (when I was 9). Music was by safe haven ever since I was a child. Lyrics touched me. Made me feel strong. Made me feel weak. Made me cry. Made me laugh. I feel strongly when I listen to music. And I am well aware that most people cannot relate. But it is a part of who I am.

I am not a particularly huge fan of this band or that. I think I’ve grown out of that. But there is one band – Anathema – which I listened to since I was 15. Twenty years. I fall back onto them again and again because their music is like a soundtrack of my life. Their lyrics touched me and still do. It gives me strength. It makes me weak. I saw them three times. Last time was last November, and shortly after their gig, I wrote a post on this very blog. Something personal. (Link to when you click on “post“).

I don’t have many passions in my life. Music is one. (Listening, and I can sing okay.) Writing is the other passion. And often I am not sure if I am any good at it. I believe that I am. But that one (1) star on Goodreads makes me worry. Am I overestimating myself and my skills?

I have a friend who keeps telling me that if I invested in advertisement for my book Unquiet Minds, I could find worldwide fame. I don’t want that. I just want a couple more people to let me know that I touched them. Maybe it is all pretense. Maybe it is all just a pile of shit.

Words are falling out of my fingers, and I cannot stop them. One thought after the next.


By the way… I went to the movies today. I saw a Luxembourgish movie. Superjhemp retörns. Other superheroes are young and handsome and skilled. We have Superjhemp, an average middle-aged man who is working a dull day job. He is soft around the middle and gets his superpower from cheese (Kachkéis – cancoillotte) and beer. He flies with both hands in his pockets and has a fable to fly through closed windows. Overall, he is very Luxembourgish. As so often, this movie was adapted from the comics with the same name. And it was hilarious. I doubt though that non-Luxembourgers will find it funny. But it was.

Ok… So… This escalated quickly. All just to say, that I am an impostor and that I only own (+/-) 30 vinyls.

Thank you for allowing me this space to ramble.

Vote for my book. And buy it. If you want a signed copy, we can make that happen too. Get in touch: catherine.micqu@gmail.com

Thank you.


Let this new week begin. 💜


Let’s start this music post with something progressive.

The band is called Gazpacho, and the song is called “Chequered Light Buildings.”

The song is from an album called “Night” (2007, Kscope)


The second song I recommend is called “A Long Time Listening” from another Nordic band, (Gazpacho are from Norway) Agent Fresco. (Agent Fresco are from Iceland)

The song is from an album with the same name – “A Long Time Listening” (2010, Record Records)



I love this song. I know… Radiohead is a bit of a cliché. Just like with Pink Floyd it took me a while to get them and truth be told, I am still not that big a fan, but I own 4 or 5 of their albums. (Of course, I do…)

This is my favourite cover of this song:

Ever heard about Nate Maingard? Great man, I like him a lot. Though, I believe that his honesty and openness, his raw approach to everything he does may not be every one’s cup of tea. He is on patreon and you can find home on http://nate.live

Be curious… You know you want it,

Big hugs,



I started listening to music when I was a child. While other children were playing, I was listening to music… I was not allowed to go outside to play. I often considered music to be my life saving device. It certainly kept my mind off things. And it taught me the English language. I am an emotional person and I react to music. Some songs touch me deeply whereas others don’t get to me at all.

The first song is one of those songs who never really inspired me in any way. Not good, not bad. I often have the line “And it feels like I’m flying above you” in my head.

Anathema – Flying

This song is from a live concert, probably one of the best I have ever seen and I only saw the DVD. I have a very special bond with this band. Its music found me at a time when I was a lost teenager. I felt a little more found with Anathema’s music. A feeling I had until I was well in my thirties…


Her Name is Calla – Meridian Arc

This song is my ringtone. A couple of weeks ago I had a notification on Facebook that I earned a badge as a Top Fan. I have no idea why. Apart from the fact that I try to support this band as much as I can. Great people. Best huggers in the world.


I hope you enjoy both these songs, as always, I would like to hear your thoughts about them.

Thank you and have a great week,



I feel like sharing some more music… While last time, both songs I shared were more electronic, this week I listened to something different.

Fink – perfect darkness

Fink. The first song I heard was Too Closely. I got curious and listened to more and more of his music. In the meantime, I have seen him live, and his album “Perfect Darkness” (2011) still plays regularly on my stereo.

Antimatter – in stone

This is music I often listen to when I am writing. The reasons are clear and not. The mix of awesome lyrics and emotion-evoking music is what gets my muses going.

enjoy the music… make sure to listen the second one to the end.

Have a nice Saturday,

(PS: why am I told that the bathroom needs a scrubbing, when I worked all week, and he was home? I am irritated and stubborn now, but eventually, I will do it, and he knows it.)


This blog used to be about music… It really was, but I am not a critic, and my tastes are a bit weird at times. Most music is gone, but I am thinking about bringing it back. I used to have a Friday 5, where I would post five songs I liked every Friday. Maybe I should post on Mondays? One song? Starting today on this Sunday? (I am a woman, I am supposed to be indecisive and inconsequent in my decisions 🙂 Or maybe I am just a little more upbeat than I usually am.) I will not review the music I share, as I feel I am not qualified enough for that, but the songs you’ll find here have touched me in one way or another, or they evoke memories in me.

The songs or links I share don’t belong to me. Support artists you like – buy their art. Pay for music… Lots of time and dedication, as well as money, are put into the songs you like.

Here are some songs for you:

Cardhouse – extra mile

Cardhouse is the project of Daniel Cardoso. Daniel Cardoso is an excellent drummer and producer (he worked with Daniel Cavanagh, Antimatter, Anneke van Giersbergen…), and he is part of the band Anathema. The song “Extra Mile” is taken from his solo debut “City Blur.”

Felix Räuber – wall

This is something very special. I have never heard a song like this before, then again, that doesn’t mean anything. The voice of the singer is unique, I admit it might not be for everyone, but the arrangement of the song is brilliant. The song “wall” is taken from the EP “the Wall” by Felix Räuber. I had the pleasure of briefly talking to this artist years ago when he toured with Maximilian Hecker. Very nice and talented man.

Music has a lot of meaning for me. It takes up a lot of time and place in my life, though, I admit, not as much as it used to. I have been listening to the same music and their satellites for many years now. It has been a while since I heard something that totally blew my mind. But I am very hard to please too. Rest assured, this blog will not turn into a music blog again. I will probably never share the newest songs, and my tastes are various and random, but it is another part of me. Another layer peeled away.

I hope you enjoy the songs. They are both quite electronic for someone who is usually more into prog or singer/songwriter…