Sunday Scribblings #89 – handwriting

Every Wednesday, Aaron at shares a new writing prompt. This week, the prompt is handwriting.

Handwriting can reveal a lot about people, there is an entire science about it, but honestly, I never really took the time to get into it.

My own handwriting is very much depending on my mood. But, it is often quite sloppy and I often have people at work commenting on it. In a hurry, my handwriting is hardly legible.

I noticed though, depending on the pen, my handwriting gets better or worse.

Many years ago, a person who was a friend back then gave me a fountain pen. I adore that one and use it all the time. Used – until I lost it at the hospital at the end of last year. It’s a long(er) story that I will not get into right now. Anyway… I loved that fountain pen and was devastated when I lost it. I ordered a new one. Exact same – pretending that it will be a birthday present to myself. Imagine what happened? Yeah… No surprise, I found the pen at the bottom of my handbag the exact day the new one arrived in the mail. My handbag is a large tote bag with lots of room. I bought it online last year. I am not sure it is still available, but here is a photo.

It looks better in real than on the pic. Hehe… I own at least 4 more bags from Society 6.

Back to handwriting. I share pictures with handwritten poetry quite often. And many people compliment me on my penmanship. It’s a nice thing, I think.

Both are things I wrote. One is legible and one is decipherable. Hehe.

How’s your handwriting? Do you write by hand at all?

Me me me

Some writers like to stay incognito. Most bloggers prefer to stay unknown. I am a little different. I think once in a while it is good to see the people behind the screen and the eyes of of the writers. I also like to share pictures of my handwriting. Not because it is particularly pretty, but it completes an image. I am an open book anyway.

Like me or not. See me or ignore me. I am here… There is a lot of me, and I have some moments of awesomeness.

My book “Unquiet Minds” is still available on Amazon. And in my inbox. (




Despite the words said to her,

Every kindness, every desire for her, felt fake.

She couldn’t see what they saw.

Inside, she was rotting away.

Really, who could desire her?


About writing… In the farthest sense.

I write a lot. It’s not always poetry or novels or flash fiction, but I write down thoughts, little notes or words. And I write daily. I use fountain pens and journals. My handwriting is horrible. I really need to focus to write nicely. It’s a challenge in my job too, lol. Yes, I have been told to try and clean my handwriting. I try, but honestly (and this sounds not nice at all) I can’t be bothered. And I don’t have the time either.

Once in a while I share a pic of an entry in my journal. I like doing that. It gives the entries something real, something deep. I have been told so, many times.

I go through many journals and wrote the last page in one just yesterday. I started that one in February. This morning I bought a new one. It is a weird feeling to write a last page in a journal, and it is a weird feeling to write the first page in a new journal. In my mind, I don’t want to soil the blank pages with nonsense. Usually, my notebooks are blunt and no-descript. Black. I like them to be closable too, preferably with an elastic band. Today, I found another one that reminded me of my youth and is over all quite me. It has James Dean on the cover. I like James Dean a lot. I read a couple of his biographies, saw all his movies, and we share a birthday. And it was not too expensive either. It is thin though… I am sure I need to get another one by Christmas.

People laugh (or smirk) when I unpack my journal and my fountain pens. I own many fountain pens in different styles and colours. I like how they all write differently and I like how the ink flows on to the paper. Writing is fun. Or so I think.

Old and new journal.

So yes… If you are looking for a gift for me… Fountain pens and journals are a good idea.

Do you write by hand? What do you use? Are your posts written down first in a journal? Mine are not, sometimes I write a spontaneous poem here (or on Wattpad) and copy it later into my journal 🙂