Wednesday Music

Hammock- cruel sparks

From the album “the longest year, 2011”.

Hammock are an American duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Their genre is a mix of shoe-gazing, ambient, electronic, and neo-classical. That’s difficult for: their music is relaxing and meditation is easy with them on the turntables.

The album “the longest year” was re-released for its 10th anniversary. It was released on colourful vinyl and I was amongst the lucky ones to grab a unique piece for myself.

Look at those colours!

The nebula edition is handmade which makes every copy a unique and beautiful piece.

Anyway… I had a quiet day. I am tired, under the weather, and just a little empty while overflowing. As you probably noticed, I deleted or drafted many of my recent posts and also decided to go quieter again. I mean… I take up space and time, and you could spend that time learning something, helping someone, reading something that makes you laugh…

Be kind and take good care of yourselves.