Flash #3

Fake it till you make it. Fake it till you break down. But what if, against all odds, everything will be okay? What if we are our biggest enemies? What if we put ourselves down so that others won’t do it?

What if we are wonderful the way we are? What if we give back more than is asked and more than we even know? What if everything is better than we think it is?

And what if it only looks as if everything is great and working out? What if we are breaking down under the pressure we feel? What if nothing is what it seems?


Pearl Jam – nothing as it seems

And this, my dear friends and readers, is my favourite Pearl Jam song. (Next to Pendulum)

Flash #2

A circle of words; never changing words. Every story has been written and felt before. Hers too. And yet, she feels as if she has to share her book of life in some way. Perhaps, laced with fiction, readers will want to know more about this unique yet average character. Perhaps, they recognise some of the described feelings and emotions and validate her in some way? But more likely, her own words become true for herself, too: everyone has a story, but not everyone should tell it.

Who decides if a story is worth hearing? Who is to say that one’s feelings are more valid than others? Who decides those things?

A circle of words; of never changing simple words can have as much (if not more) impact than complicated vocabulary.


Gil Ofarim – Vom Ende der Traurigkeit

Flash #1

It’s nothing new, but her spirit is breaking under the weight of an endless string of spiraling thoughts. “Not good enough,” it rings in her head. And the louder the voices are, the more she believes the lies. “It doesn’t matter; you are not good enough.” Her facial expression is hard, stony. She needs someone to help her put the broken pieces back together. And if she dreamed awake, she might be the one.

She covers her ears, but all it does is preventing the words from leaving her mind. She is her own cage. She piles the heavy words one on top of the other, hindering her from breaking free and shine.


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