Golden Shovel No2

Each Saturday in February, Monty shares a prompt to create a Golden Shovel Poem from. I was a bit late for the first, only wrote something late at the last minute. But this time, I am early. Feel free to join in.

“Cocoa in pods and alligator pears”

The Tropics in New York by Claude McKay

I remember her skin, it looked and tasted like cocoa

In the shadows I hide to see her chest rise as she breathes in

She knows it well; me and her, we are like peas in their pods

I cannot be without her, but I am not allowed to near her and

Every day ends with new soul-wounds; deeper than alligator

bites. I stand still. I see her, having breakfast. Eating a pear.


As always, let’s not overthink. But this reads a bit creepy. Hopefully others wrote something a less stalker-ish.

Sunday Scribblings #16 mountains

We are running and running, hiding in the mountains,

I hear myself breathing your name

A sound barely above a whisper.

Far away from the reality that will crush us,

We are giving in to our secret desires.

The flowers you brought to romance me

Are scattered all over the floor, damaged by our hungry passion.

And I moan your name,

It rolls heavily off my tongue.

Our lust reverberates from these walls,

It is seeping into the floors; invisible to the blind.

And I scream your name in ecstatic bliss,

Flying high, then crashing down in waves of emotions.

The night is falling outside, stars shining bright.

I sign my name across your heart;

It will be protected by the ghosts of the mountains.


Written for Aaron’s Sunday Scribbling. Take a look at his blog, or consider using the prompts that are published each Wednesday to write, too. Prose, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, essays… everything is allowed.

VC is taking a dive

Out of the dark, into the light. No more being hidden away in a gym bag. From where I am, I can see lots of naked male butts. It might be because I am in an all-male changing room. Some are hairy; some are smooth, some could use some sun, others need more exercise. I am grabbed in strong hands, and two feet are pushed through the designated holes. I glide up smooth calves, pass manly knees, and muscular thighs. I find my place; fitting snuck as a glove against the intimate region of my wearer. He is a world-class athlete. Today we will only do a training session in the pool, but I know that we will both give our best. I am touching patches of skin that no person has touched in a while. Only VC. There we go. One jump, heels over head and we dive almost to the bottom of the pool. He breaks through the chlorine filled water, takes a breath and dives in again.
VC; that’s what they call when he cuts the water with every stroke of his arms. Once I am wet, I am clinging to his skin, I don’t want to leave his body. All I know is that I was made for him. I was made to hug his body. I want to believe that he wins races because of me.


10 minutes and the timer went off. 233 words. I don’t know if it is a lot or not, we always need to take into consideration that my ideas have to be translated into English while I am writing. This is what I wrote in this short time… Unedited and no mistakes were corrected.

Rockhal Challenge – Day 9



Day 9 of the Rockhal challenge – A song that makes you dance. Well, this is a weird one for me because every song of every genre makes me move, depending on my mood. Right now, a song that is on the radio a lot and that makes me dance is Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Another song that keeps me dancing that is lesser known is “First Dance” by Crimer. It is a song from the movie “The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch” (2018). I liked that movie quite a bit, but what stuck with me most is this song. I have it in my daily playlist and whenever this song comes on, I sing along and dance. So, please enjoy:

Crimer – first dance


Also, yesterday, I wrote a little something for a prompt. Have a look:

Have a great day,

enjoy the weather and the music,

lots of love,


Rockhal Challenge – Day 8


A song that is your guilty pleasure

I don’t have any guilty pleasures in music. I stand behind my choices. That said, I also have those moments when I chose music that doesn’t reflect the image I want you to have of me. And I will share a song like that with you today.

John Barrowman – I made it through the rain


From his album “Music Music Music” (2008, Epic Records). This song is a cover of a Barry Manilow song. I am not sure how I discovered John Barrowman’s music, but it was in 2012 or 2013. I remember it so well, because my youngest daughter was not in school yet and I was still a stay-at-home mom. When we made lunch for her siblings, we turned the music up and sang into spoons or spatulas, we danced and used bottles as microphones when setting the table. Fun and bonding moments. Even today, she reacts to two songs we listened to constantly during that time (and she remembers parts of the choreography we had for this song.) One song was “I made it through the rain”, the other was “Rococo” by Arcade Fire.

I wonder if this has to do with her loving to play music, singing, and dancing. I think it does. 🙂

Apparently, John Barrowman is a talented actor too. I couldn’t tell, I only saw him in Desperate Housewives years ago. Anyway…

It’s not really a guilty pleasure, it was just a phase where I liked to listen to a different genre of music. Back then, I also listened to lots of Boyzone and Ronan Keating.

I was very different back then. We all were…

Rockhal Challenge – Day 7


A song that’s covered by another artist

Seems I am moving too fast, yesterday’s song was a cover too.

First the original, then the cover:

Nina Simone – be my husband


Jeff Buckley’s version:


I first heard Nina Simone when I was in highschool (Lycée, we called it). My best friend listened to her a lot and I appreciated some songs too. Years later, we lost sight of each other, I was listening to an Etta James playlist on YouTube and Nina came on. I was delighted and transported back into a time when I was fifteen.

Jeff Buckley caught my attention after the songwriter of Our Ceasing Voice (an Austrian post-rock band) shared a playlist of songs that inspired him. There were a couple of new artists for me, Her Name is Calla and Jeff Buckley are those that stayed with me after all these years. (This must have been around 2013). For a while, Jeff Buckley’s music played when I wrote my stories and novels. For some scenes, this soundtrack set a sensual backdrop and they were easily written that way.

And because I like you and think you deserve something brilliant on this Monday, I will add another cover. I am sure you know the original of this song:

Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella

I like this version a lot. I am not a huge Rhianna fan, her voice is not my cup of tea and the genre of music receives less attention from me anyway. I am trying to stay openminded though (and I like to believe that I am.)

Have a great week.



Rockhal Challenge – Day 5

A song everyone should listen to at least once in their life

Her Name is Calla – condor and river

From the album “The Quiet Lamb” 2010

Take 15 minutes (or a bit more) to experience this masterpiece.

In fact, every albums this band ever released should be worth your time, at least once in your life. Her Name is Calla does not exist anymore, but their music is still relevant. Also, they went out with a bang, producing their best ever album “Animal Choir” 2019.

Rockhal Challenge – Day 4

A song by a band you wish was still together.

The first band that comes to my mind is Madrugada, but they toured together this year. Then I thought about Pink Floyd and Genesis. And I wonder if my notion is wrong. Semantics? Is a change in lineup a different band?

I gave this a lot of thought, and I didn’t come to a conclusion. And now, here is my pick:

The Beatles – a day in the life

From the album: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band (1967, Parlophone). This song is my favourite Beatles song, although I also enjoy many other songs too. The Beatles were a phenomenon, and they still are right now.

What song would you have picked? From the Beatles or any other band that isn’t anymore?


PS: this post was scheduled

Rockhal Challenge – Day 3

A song that reminds you of summer.

That one is tricky. Do I pick a song with a summer-y vibe, or do I choose a song with deep personal meaning? It is actually a no-brainer. I always go for the personal songs. So, here is the song that reminds me of summer:

Hyphen Hyphen – just need your love

The song can be found on an album called “Times” (2015, Parlophone)

It reminds me of summer because I first heard it last year in the south of France. The best part of this song, for me, is the chorus. It is very repetitive and many people don’t like that. Well, I do. This French band was founded in Nice in 2011. Now I should go into a discourse of how great they are and all that, but I only know this song, I wouldn’t give an opinion on music I haven’t heard.

I hope you are well… Read you soon.