Sunday Scribblings #80

Every Wednesday, Aaron shares a prompt on his blog: This is week 80. The prompt is Hello. Here we go.

Hello, he whispered into the headset and when he heard her voice he knew that

Everything would be okay. She was the only one able to ground him;

Listening to him without passing judgment and without stars in her eyes.

Love. He had said, “I love you.” Twice. Was this friendship turning into love?

Overwhelming emotions, a feeling of unconditional understanding, and yes; love.

She had him at Hello.

better off dead

This one is exclusive on this blog. Nowhere else you can find it. Feeling spoilt? Well… You should. You are something special and you matter. And I am in a manic mindset. Yay me…

Still in love with you


Inner light
Never bright.

Little known truths
Of love. Loss.
Vulnerable. Almost unbearable.
Empty heart. Heartbroken.

Words lick my skin
Inside. Craving the sin.
These truths became fantasies
Heaven weeps. Lost minds?

Yielding strength. We gave up.
Old wounds become new scars.
Untouchable thoughts. Forever hidden memories.

(Dedicated to my best friend who passed away two years ago. He shared the Thin Lizzy song “still in love with you” with me one night. (Sharing music was our thing.) I listened to that song earlier and that’s what inspired this poem.)