Wednesday Music

Hammock- cruel sparks

From the album “the longest year, 2011”.

Hammock are an American duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Their genre is a mix of shoe-gazing, ambient, electronic, and neo-classical. That’s difficult for: their music is relaxing and meditation is easy with them on the turntables.

The album “the longest year” was re-released for its 10th anniversary. It was released on colourful vinyl and I was amongst the lucky ones to grab a unique piece for myself.

Look at those colours!

The nebula edition is handmade which makes every copy a unique and beautiful piece.

Anyway… I had a quiet day. I am tired, under the weather, and just a little empty while overflowing. As you probably noticed, I deleted or drafted many of my recent posts and also decided to go quieter again. I mean… I take up space and time, and you could spend that time learning something, helping someone, reading something that makes you laugh…

Be kind and take good care of yourselves.


I dreamed I fell into a well and all that was left of me was a deep longing sigh

A puddle of tears and wilted flowers covered my pale skin

I covered my eyes and cried.

Every thought was wasted on a caged mind that was never mine

The clock ticked away slowly and I kept forgetting how to swim

And I watched the sunrise.

I woke up, I made it through another night

And the morning light felt like a lover’s kiss.

There is only one way out.

Don’t go away ’21

I am between flying and sinking
Between dreaming and thinking
There are a million reasons to be
Endless new days to see.
And all I want is to be with you;
To be awake in your thoughts too.
If you could hold my hand
You would feel and understand.
There are too many words to say,
Plead with you and beg: don’t go away.

Eternal Dreams

German original

Every morning when the sun greedily devours the new day
And the sky is bathed in colored hues
I forget the nameless desire that visits me in the shadow of the night for just a blink of an eye.
I long to return to my dreams; to where your arms protect me
And where we share our breathing air;
to where quiet moments and hidden memories become eternal and our souls are forever intertwined.


Outside these walls the silence caresses the words whispered in the past

Inside this shell, an unknown power slowly rises and breaks the spell

A passenger in this life; awoken by a fiery spark

The intimate connection grows from a distant mind

And there is a song for every passionate kiss we ever shared.

Dancing in the moonlight

And we are dancing under the pale moonlight, forgetting the world. The wind whispers songs into our ears, and the waves caress our naked feet. Your arms around my waist, my hands on your cold cheeks.
And we are dancing under the moonlight, to the silent melodies of our hearts in tune. The moment is magic, and the stars witness its gravity. You are looking down at me, swaying my hips, I’m looking up at you, licking my lips.
And we are dancing under the moonlight, alone in a crowd: a smile, a kiss, and this inexplicable bliss-a memory with meaning tattooed onto my blind mind. The sun pushes the moon away, making room for a new dawn. In the blink of an eye, and with a swallowed kiss, I realise that my hidden darkness left, it is gone. Huh!

(November 2020)

Not about us

In the blink of an eye
It is not about us anymore.
it is about the curious minds
hiding behind glass walls;
Throwing invisible stones
To drown in rushing brooks.
We know where this is going
We have been there before.
I don’t want to see
Broken mirrors with cutting edges.
But here is blood on the sticky floor;
And it is not about us anymore!

The first idea is in the picture. Better version posted above.

(Scheduled post)