little rant

Sometimes, people need to remember who is in their corner in times of need. Most often, it is not the people who claimed to be, it is not the people who said they were your friends. And it is definitely not the people you want to be there.

Don’t push those away who support you with everything in their might. Don’t push those away who offer support, understanding, time too.

Because as hard as they are trying to show you that they care and that you matter, they grow tired too. And then, the thing you feared most – being abandoned and lonely will finally happen. That one person who accepted you with all your flaws and knows every horrible detail about you, they will grow silent and quiet. And one day, they will be gone.

I promise, that realisation will hurt and maybe destroy every small success you had in your healing.

Be careful who you push away and cherish those who are there when your life is imploding.

drops 🎀


Some call it wisdom, some call it philosophical, some call it pretentious rubbish. Me, I am just a bit relieved that there are still words left that I deem worthy to share with the world.



This came to me a couple of moments ago. For a couple of days now, I have been thinking of giving up my online presence. (Closing Twitter and IG, even deleting the blog.)

Every thought ever shared is an old thought once it is written down, hence it loses its importance and its reason to be.


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When I sense that people are agitated and anxious, I remind them to breathe and to unclench their jaws. Some look at me as if I am stupid for even suggesting it.

We all know how to breathe; we are doing it all the time, but when we are in distress, our breathing gets shallow, and our body suggests we need more air to fill our lungs. We feel like suffocating during panic attacks or anxiety attacks. At worst, it ends with hyperventilation and the fear of dying. Remembering to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, helps to calm down. It gives us something to focus on when everything else is overwhelming.

When we are stressed, angry, nervous… we tend to put our teeth together, grinding our molars – clenching our jaw. Maybe it is to prevent us from saying something stupid, or from screaming. But, our entire body gets rigid like that. Our neck gets tense and our back too. Once again, breathing right becomes problematic because we prevent it physically. And it’s not good for our teeth. Loosening the jaw and the entire face muscles looses tension in our body too. And again, it helps to relax because blood flows easier through the bodies and oxygen levels get better again.

Observe those things in yourself, maybe it helps…


We water soil and expect a result. Sometimes, with a lot of time and love and care, out of the earth grows a flower. Something beautiful that warms the heart and fills us with gratitude.

Sometimes, even though we invest all our energy into the simple task of nurturing a little patch of dirt, nothing happens, and we are left with a puddle of mud.

Some things are not meant to be glamorous and fulfilling; they are intended to test our resolve and be lessons for the future.


There are two ways of using a rope: tying a noose and putting it around one’s neck or using it to pull oneself out of the darkest thoughts.

We have a choice. Sometimes it is tough and tougher, but there is a choice.


I step through every door with a clear purpose and close it with the certainty that I move on from the past.

A glow shines in through my open windows, bathes my mind in warmth, and covers it in hope.

I feel every emotion intensely and react with kindness, empathy, and love toward others.

I take solace in the fact that after every sunset follows a sunrise. After the dark comes the light.

I am strong, even in my weakest moments. There is a reason to smile. To breathe. To be.

And I am.

musing 2016

As soon as subjectively perceived perfection is achieved, it is not perfect enough anymore. It is not what we want anymore, and we strive for something else. Something different.
More. We need more.
Always more.
Paradise doesn’t exist as long as we can’t accept it when we see it.
True love stays a myth as long as we destroy every meaningful relationship with our need for more.