Song of the Day

Soen – River

Soen are a Swedish supergroup with member who played in notable metal and progressive bands.

The song “river” can be found on the band’s fourth album called “Lotus” (2019). An album that was well received by fans and critics alike.

I must say, when I heard Soen for the first time, I was immediately smitten. Their music is right up my alley. The above song is rather soft, almost like a ballad. But don’t be fooled, their genre is progressive metal for a reason.



If you are using Spotify, here is a playlist for you, one I listen a lot.

Thursday Song

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – a man needs a maid

Not the first song off this album I am sharing, but this one turned out to be my favourite on the album Imposter, that was released on November 12th 2021.

Imposter is an album consisting of 12 cover versions of songs Dave likes. The above song was first released on Neil Young’s Harvest (1972); a record I own on vinyl as well. Many music lovers do, but I am a bit proud to say, that I own a first pressing from 49 years ago.


Personally: weird days and sleepless nights.

Tuesday Song

Industries of the blind – I just wanted to make you something beautiful

Take 13 minutes to listen to this beautiful and meditative piece of post-rock/ambient music. The song is one of three songs appearing on the album “Chapter One: had we known better” that this US post-rock band released in 2011

There is not much else to say today that I haven’t mentioned in the earlier post. I hope all is well on your side of the screen.

much love from me to you.


Sunday Song

Her Name is Calla – New England

A hauntingly beautiful song that appeared on the 2009 album “The Heritage”. Her Name is Calla was a bunch of exceptionally talented and creative musicians and artists. Always all-in. And it is apparent when listening to a song like this. A nine-minute long wild ride.


As for me, the mood is slipping. I felt it already yesterday. Be well, be kind.

Saturday Song

The Cult – she sells sanctuary

From the 1985 album “she sells sanctuary”. That’s an album I would love to own on vinyl. Tonight, I was listening to a random playlist on Spotify, and this song came on. I adore it. There is just something about Ian Astbury’s voice. Sure, it is not for everyone – but as you know, I am unapologetic about the music I like.


Inner turmoil. I am worried tonight.

Thursday Song

Alfalfa – new morning

Alfalfa is a Luxembourgish duo that has been making music for a while. The above song was released in December 2020.


Enjoy the music

Wednesday Song

red room cinema – …at long last, the sun has set and the earth drifts into much needed slumber

An 11mimute long post-rock song by the band red room cinema, off the album with the same name. (2007)



Off work for a couple of days now and it feels awesome. I slept in this morning and did all the things I had to do this morning. Now I am listening to music and even wrote a bit. It’s Wednesday… Enjoy it.

Monday Song

Dire Straits – tunnel of love

From the album “making movies” (1980) which was this British band’s third studio album.

It’s again a long(er) song, but one I enjoy a lot.


It is November. It is Monday. It is very early in the morning. It is raining. And it is cold. That’s what it is. Today is a holiday over here. We gather at the cemetery where a ceremony is held. It’s the first time in years that I can’t be there because I need to work. I did not dare to tell family yet that I will not be there. I am the black sheep as it is, skipping this event is unthinkable. And who has to work on a Holiday anyway?! Well, I do. That’s part of the job description of working in a home for teen moms. We are there 24/7, 365 days/year. And I actually don’t complain. Shifts like this are great. They are not as stressful as other shifts. And I will be alone at the office which means that I don’t need to wear my mask. I am tired though. Fourth of five consecutive early shifts… Let’s do this! Lots of love from me to you.

Friday Song

Black Foxxes – badlands

This song is from the third studio album, released in October 2020, by the British band Black Foxxes.

I like then energy in this. The distorted guitars and also the vocals.

Enjoy xx

Sunday Song

Fink – perfect darkness

From the album of the same name (2011). Fink is Fin Greennall. He is a British musician, one of the few that sound better live than on studio LPs.


Streaky day today. It was father’s day here. I worked a short afternoon shift with lots of work and I wrote a bit. No work tomorrow.