Bloganuary #16

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I am quite passionate about second chances. This applies in every area of life. Maybe it comes with my job, or maybe it is because I am an Aquarius and we are said to be humanitarians.

Our society is quick to cast people out. Instead of helping them (which is often cheaper in the long run) they are rejected and abandoned. A vicious circle begins and without help or compassion from others, it is hard to get back on one’s feet.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and a third and a fourth too.

If I can help, I do. It’s not always good for me, sometimes I give so much that I become empty and burnt out – but it is always worth it.

So yeah, I am passionate about being compassionate, gentle, kind, nonjudgmental, about helping, offering support, and giving as many chances as are needed.


And music… Who would have guessed?

Soen – Lotus


I have to leave this thought here… Sorry. (or not?)

My day was a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt angry, something I rarely do. Anyway… As you all know, music always does the trick to call me down. But this music in particular.

Right now, I have 1 album and 1 EP of different artists on repeat. Thing is, they will not be released for a long while. And they are both very very good. The album are raw demos that will receive their polish in the studio when they are properly recorded, but the EP is done and waiting for its release day.

I feel very fortunate and lucky to be spoiled with music, even if it is in secret.

You see, I follow many musicians, but even more follow me. And I don’t really know why, because it is definitely not for the blog… In the beginning, this blog was only about music, but I rarely write reviews. Reviews are objective and I can’t be when I love what I hear. Also, writing reviews is so much more difficult than you might think. I wrote two or three for this blog and a couple for a blog called At the Barrier. Also if you are looking for great music reviews and suggestions, follow this link: or just to name two.

Anyway… What I wanted to share is that I have awesome music on my ears that is unreleased and will stay so for a while.

Also, I did not have a drop of alcohol since last November and I only had two cigarettes this year.

Onwards… Movie night with the kids. The Good Dinosaur.

Bloganuary #15

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

Is it a life lesson, really?

Be kind. Everyone is struggling from time to time in their own way.


Don’t live with regrets. Every choice you made and every decision you took is the right one at that precise moment. Sometimes the choice we have is between bad and worse, but it is there. And even the smallest things can make a big change. Don’t live with regrets. They make you miserable, because in the end, the things we regret are things we cannot change anymore.

Still not enough?

Even the worst parts of our lives taught us something and made us move forward.

Enough Cathy-wisdom for an early Saturday morning.


Glen Hansard – Leave (live)

Bloganuary #14

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

I actually wanted to skip this one. Over the years, I wrote so much about myself and my struggles and challenges that I am tired of the topic. And you are probably too. I don’t know. Does it matter? I mean, it’s depressing and not uplifting.

There was a time when I wrote all this stuff to get a reaction. I wanted people to care and maybe I even wanted some pity or praise. I did not do it on purpose, but in hindsight, even if I didn’t do it consciously, I did it.

My life has been paved with challenges. From being emotionally and mentally abused as a child, to depression and ADHD as an adult, I faced many challenges.

Often, every new day is a challenge. Getting up. Taking a shower. Going to work. Doing laundry. Preparing dinner. Talking. Sleeping. Breathing. Existing. Being. Those things are challenging every day. And I overcome them almost every day too. Almost.

But you know what? Many people feel that way. There is never anything new under this sun. And even though emotions might be new to us, they have been felt by other people before.

None of us is special. Every one of us is special. None of us is unique. Every one of us is unique.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how big or small the challenges are that you are dealing with; the only thing that matters is that you face them, and try your best to come out on the other side with as least damage as possible.

Be kind

Be gentle.

Felix RΓ€uber – burning sky

little rant

Sometimes, people need to remember who is in their corner in times of need. Most often, it is not the people who claimed to be, it is not the people who said they were your friends. And it is definitely not the people you want to be there.

Don’t push those away who support you with everything in their might. Don’t push those away who offer support, understanding, time too.

Because as hard as they are trying to show you that they care and that you matter, they grow tired too. And then, the thing you feared most – being abandoned and lonely will finally happen. That one person who accepted you with all your flaws and knows every horrible detail about you, they will grow silent and quiet. And one day, they will be gone.

I promise, that realisation will hurt and maybe destroy every small success you had in your healing.

Be careful who you push away and cherish those who are there when your life is imploding.

drops 🎀

Bloganuary #13

What does your ideal day look like?

Sleeping in

Chatting with my favourite people (on and offline)

Some TV

A long bath with lots of bubbles

Great dinner without or without alcoholic beverages

More chats

Writing some, maybe (no pressure)

No crippling thoughts or doubts

And lots and lots of music.


Leprous – the flood

Bloganuary #12

What emoji(s) do you like to use?

πŸ’œβœ¨ (always together)


😘❀️ (most often together)

These are the emojis I use most.

But really? That’s not the most inspiring prompt… At least, it did not spark much creativity in me.

Be well

Be kind with yourself

Art of Dying – get through this


Some call it wisdom, some call it philosophical, some call it pretentious rubbish. Me, I am just a bit relieved that there are still words left that I deem worthy to share with the world.



To feel hope means letting go of the harrowing thoughts inside of me

If I were a painter, I would paint an open cage

If I were a poet, I would write words that made sense

But I am just a jester floating on lilac light

Feeling hope means remembering the broken fragments residing in me


First poem of the year.