truths and lies

I just want to try something new that came to me (like every blog entry I Post) moments ago. If it feels bad tomorrow, I will delete it. But for now, I will try this.

I will share a list of things about me. But not everything is true. Some of it is a lie, an embellishment of the truth or a fantasy I wish to happen. You can pick out any fact and ask questions about it. I will answer truthfully.

Avis aux amateurs… as the French say. (Enthusiasts, take note)

  1. I am 39 years old
  2. I am often mistaken for someone younger
  3. I have 3 kids and am a proud mom
  4. I am married
  5. I have a boyfriend
  6. My favourite colours are purple and black
  7. I love all kinds of music
  8. I am a published author
  9. My books are read all around the world
  10. I don’t work a day job
  11. It takes days to finish a poem
  12. I never drink alcohol
  13. I never smoked
  14. I never took any drugs in my life
  15. I had my first surgery at 38
  16. I had my first kiss at 12
  17. I am not interested in the world
  18. I don’t step out of my comfort zone
  19. I visited strangers for a weekend of sex drugs and rock ‘n roll
  20. I don’t care much about how others judge my sexuality
  21. I am filled with insecurities
  22. I am diagnosed with ADHD
  23. I am happy at work
  24. I consider myself to be a very girly girl
  25. I am outgoing
  26. I don’t read my horoscopes
  27. Dreams are not real
  28. I have a best friend
  29. I look at the clock every night at 08:02
  30. My roots run deep
  31. I really don’t like music at all and hate supporting the artists I like

Couple of truths, couples of lies…


11 Replies to “truths and lies”

    1. That my weirdness, my anxiety, my short comings, affect the kids in a negative way and that they will only notice that I am not as funny or cool as they thought when they are older. (The kids are 12, 13, 17)

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        1. It is not important but the relation we have right now is based on understanding, humour and trust. The kids friends labelled me as the cool and funny mom (which is probably because I am strict but banter a lot with the kids, and I am a lot younger than the other parents around)
          My fear is actually that moments my daughter and me enjoy right now, will seem wrong and ridiculous and as an indicator of my mental health later. Like dancing in the rain, cooking experimental things, lying down in the grass at night to talk about all and nothing while watching the moon and the stars…

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          1. okay I see. These are precious moments. But unfortunately, just like everything else, they are fleeting moments. You can enjoy them now, then keep them in your heart for when your daughter moves on to something else and you’re not able to lay down in the grass anymore πŸ™‚

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