Random things people said to me recently

There is something sensual in your eyes, I like it, but it is dangerous

Everyone likes you, how could people not? You are so serene all the time

You know so much about everything. Why?

I like your glasses

How can you wear black in this heat?

Could you spare a few quids for your best mate?

I expected you to have hidden tattoos

There’s something in your eyes today

You need to make a decision

You are leaving because we didn’t party hard enough

I always appreciated your work and there was no doubt that you are prefect for this position. Welcome back

Are you sure about this?

Your shoes are amazing

Have you tried wearing colours?

Oh, weird. You are wearing something colourful

Your eyes and your voice are so sexy, if you lost weight you’d be my perfect companion


Not sure what was special about my eyes this week, but people kept commenting on them… I can’t sleep… It’s early, I am exhausted, but I keep tossing and turning, this is the outcome…

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