Most often, I don’t share the link to this blog because I don’t want to be judged for a thought that was just real for a moment. Many thoughts stay, of course; others turn into fiction. Like with a diary, often thoughts just last for a short moment before they are overthought and turn into nothingness… A forgotten moment in the mind of an eccentric person. I feel comfortable sharing here on this blog, but because I am secretive (apparently I am too guarded), I don’t share too much information about myself face to face. Part of the reason is that I can’t speak. I stutter and and shy eye contact. And I repeat the same words too many times… I guess it is hard to listen to me sometimes. Anyway… Today I told a co-worker (who I am working with since mid-May,) that I write a blog. She is following my IG account and it is only a matter of time until she discovers this blog. A blog where I share every piece of me. Every peace of me.

Goodnight ✨ ✨

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  1. I love my blog for a safe open space to share thoughts. Although im finding in life i am sharing a lot more to the people in my life which is good because i feel lighter and happier. But also means i dont have to vent as much on my blog lol

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    1. That’s great, finding a way to share more with people… The older I get the less I share. I try not to vent all the time on the blog, but I do a lot, that’s true.


      1. It has been a summer of basically over sharing at work LOL i have my work husband and then a nice little team of people who are becoming close friends so they all just get the info haha its so nice to be able to just be open and me.

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        1. That sounds awesome… I started a new job midMay and I am far from opening up, I admit. I did not find the colleague who makes me comfortable enough to share the parts that are not visible. But, may I say this without sounding disrespectful? I am proud of you. Well done.

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          1. Oh my work husband i couldnt even talk to when i first started at the end of august last year. He was soooo intimidating! And wasn’t until like March that I started opening up and being comfortable. The ladies in my class a little earlier but its hard for me to open up. It takes a long time! Im sure you will get there too!! But i have also had jobs where i couldnt be my true self around anyone.
            And thats not disrespectful at all!! Im proud of me too 😘

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