… became a luxury in recent times. I haven’t seen much live music lately. But I keep checking out the agenda for my favourite venue.

Today I noticed that a band I’d love to see plays here on October 1st. Madrugada. The tickets are affordable, at 37,60€ per ticket. I scrolled down a bit and saw that Hollywood Vampires will play a gig here too. You know, the band with Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Tommy Hendriksen (Warlock), Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp. (Would you have known who is in the band if I had not mentioned it?) Tickets here go for a whooping 73,60€ per ticket.

Should I write what I think?

Madrugada is the better band, in my opinion. By far. And you’ll probably see an awesome gig that will not be sold out. Hollywood Vampires are not bad, but big names does not necessarily make good music, it only generates a hype, a sold-out show too. Yes, I am judging here. But what justifies that price per ticket? In my opinion? Nothing.

I am quite aware that my opinion is unpopular and people want to pay money to see Johnny Depp on stage. But I for one will not pay that kind of money for a band with members who don’t need the financial help anyway.

Too many opinions in those paragraphs… I know…

Madrugada on the other hand is a band I will possibly support because they need the money to survive and make a living.

I am strictly speaking about the share the musicians get here, not about the road crew – because they need the work and the money and they deserve it too.

Ah well, I am rambling… For me, fact is that people like Joe Perry or Johnny Depp or Alice Cooper don’t need the money. They make music and tour because they are passionate about the art, and yet… I stand by my words, it does not justify that price.

Then again, I admit and acknowledge that it is also a question of personal taste, if you are willing to pay up.

And even though I am comparing both acts, one thing is true for every musician involved: they know what they are doing and they are doing it quite well.

Hollywood Vampires are no exception though, Red Hot Chili Peppers or John Legend were the same. Whereas Editors or Biffy Clyro, even the Killers were affordable.

The most expensive gig I have seen was Elton John, but we were seated in the second row at the centre of the venue.

The cheapest (of a known act) was Bush (Gavin Rossdale). Which, to this day, is one of the best I have ever seen.

And while I am rambling like this, my mind wanders down memory lane and remembers many awesome live gigs I have seen.


I need a second source of income to buy tickets for all the acts I want to see. Come to think of it, 🤔 buy my books! Thank you…

Madrugada – call my name
Hollywood Vampires – whole lotta love

(you know how the saying goes: opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, but some are shitty.)

I am no exception to that rule!

On that note… Have a great Sunday ❤️💜❤️💜

5 Replies to “Concerts…”

  1. I’m not really a concert-type person, but I like how you explained your thinking here! I agree that the most popular bands don’t need the money and it is a little silly that the tickets are so much. I heard that some artists only make money through their record sales and their ticket sales so that’s why their prices are so high? But again, the Hollywood band you mentioned I don’t think really needs that?

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  2. The simple fact is that bigger, more popular and more successful artists, musicians, actors, etc. can attract larger audiences to their concerts, plays and films, thus can charge higher fees and ticket prices. It’s not a reflection of whether they’re better than lesser-known artists or actors, but of demand.
    I’m personally not willing to pay hundreds of dollars or euros to see legendary acts like Paul McCartney, Madonna or Adele, but don’t begrudge people who do. There are plenty of less well-known but equally good artists charging lower ticket prices I’m just as happy to see.

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