What happened?!

My Wattpad Account was closed. Not by me but by them. And to be honest, I don’t understand why. I have been a member for a long while, even though I didn’t post anything new anymore. I only replied to a handful of comments every week, didn’t engage, and didn’t read anything even though my stories had many reads and votes from different people. It was a reason why I did not delete the account, I kept it around without engaging much, knowing that my words were read and that they were entertaining the readers.

Yesterday, I had a message that the account was closed due to a violation of the guidelines. I read the guidelines and everything I could find, but nothing explained why my account was closed.

I decided to send a ticket/inquiry, asking politely why my account was closed.

I should have known that I would get a generic reply pointing me towards the guidelines. The thing is, none of it applies to me.

Part of me thinks that I should just let it go, shrug and move on. But my pride is bruised because of false accusations. I feel that I need to set it right. But how?!

I met some very awesome people on Wattpad. For a while, I spent every day on that site, communicating with other users, supporting each other’s writing, giving and receiving advice…

There was also always a lot of drama on that site, that’s why I pulled back more and more until other things became more important and I seldom logged in to that site. And yet…

It’s the end of an era, and it was not by choice. I did not violate any guidelines cited in the picture above (that is part of the email I received after inquiring the closing of my account…) but now that the account is closed, I cannot provide any evidence that I didn’t.

What irks me is that I was not an active member. This week, I received several spam messages, and I replied to a couple of comments – I had not done that in a while, and now, the account is closed. Coincidence?

I keep repeating myself… I am quite emotional about this because it feels wrong and unfair. My stories do not deserve this… I do not deserve this.

But I need to accept it and I cannot do anything to change it, because how can I prove that I was acting within the guidelines when everything is gone?

Very weird indeed…

Taking my headache to bed now. Goodnight ✨⚡✨⚡✨⚡

11 Replies to “What happened?!”

    1. Oh sorry, I should have explained. Wattpad is a site were writers can post their stories chapter by chapter. Readers can vote and leave comments under every chapter.


        1. Wattpad is for free, but they also have a premium version and they launched a program where writers are paid…
          I joined that site in 2012, that’s a long time ago. It changed a lot since then.

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  1. All these sites can be frustrating and terribly unfair at times. As you know, my Instagram account was hacked, and dealing with Instagram to try and regain control of my account was extremely frustrating and ultimately fruitless. Then, last week I was locked out of my Twitter account for 12 hours for tweeting that Rudy Giuliani should be slapped, a lot. Yet I see all kinds of incendiary tweets from others. Whatever…

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    1. It would be easier to shrug it off and say, well, their loss… But we spent lots of time there, made memories and maybe even met people who became important in our lives… It just sucks… But ultimately, we have to bow down to them and let them handle it

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