I love thunderstorms and rain that soaks you to the bone. I love music and having a pint or 5 with people I like. I love having my daughter Amalia around and sharing all of this (except for the beer) with her.

And tonight, we had it all. We went to a small town festival where there was good local food, local beer and champagne, and music. A U2/Coldplay Coverband was playing.

I drank and I sang and I danced… I didn’t care about anyone looking… I had a good time. Usually, I would have held back because there were so many people i know, but not tonight.

And then I noticed lightning in the sky. The wind picked up, and we decided to leave. In the car, I already said to Amalia and my dismayed husband, that I would stay outside and enjoy the rain and the wind and the thunder. And that is exactly what I did.

Perhaps it is very odd or strange (I don’t know the right word right now) but I feel happy. The mix of all of this made me very happy and serene. And that means something because most of the day, I was irritable.

Red White (light)Blue – luxembourgish colours

I know, most people don’t understand the feeling of dancing in the rain and loving the storm on your face… It’s just wow… And I am happy my youngest can see (or feel) it too. 🌧️ 🌩️ 😍

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