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I follow a person on Twitter who keeps ranting about Ed Sheeran and his lack of talent.

I often think to myself why he has to hate this publicly, why doesn’t he simply ignore the man and his music and go on his merry way.

I have no answer to that. And I will not ask him, either. It’s his right, although I think it bothers on bullying. If you recognise yourself here… Don’t feel bad and please forgive me, it simply inspired a post.

Truth is, there is a very popular musician I don’t like either. I change the channel or scroll past posts about him. That’s my choice.

At the same time, I know that this artist is very talented, his songs are layered and even Rick Beato has good things to say about him.

Are you wondering who I am talking about? Well, I am talking about the man who is “looking for something dumb to do” and who says to girls that he will “leave a door open” while he catches a “grenade” for them. Maybe he just puts me in an “uptown funk”… You get the drift, I am talking about Bruno Mars. He is a talented man, no question about that, but he makes me change the radio station and that has been like this for years.

The point is, music is subjective and it doesn’t matter if a song was written by 20 people or by 1… If it reaches you on a personal level, then it achieved what it was supposed to do.

Okay, well, I am a music nut, a hypocrite, maybe, and it does matter to me how many people wrote one song, but again, music is subjective.

Yesterday, my daughter interviewed me about music. It was for a school project. The goal is to see if kids are influenced by the music their parents listen to.

I revealed everything. From my first favourite band being East 17 and that was also my first concert. To my first ever bought CD (Depeche Mode) or LP (Olafur Arnalds) or Cassette (Milli Vanilli) and my favourite (surprisingly, Hurts) or worst (Biffy Clyro) live gig. I was made to talk about favourite songs (running up that hill, brothers in arms, 1963, comfortably numb) and the music I like that no one would expect me to like (Otis Redding).

All this brought a YouTube party on – because we listened to all the songs I mentioned. But it also raised new questions: why do you own the entire discography of only 3 artists? (Anathema, Depeche Mode, Böhse Onkelz)

What’s the most expensive album in your collection? (U2 – Joshua Tree, signed)

What’s the least favourite album? A reggae collection – I am not a fan of reggae

Why do you still buy CDs? Because I love holding music in my hands and reading the booklets or sometimes, simply because I know that I am buying from an independent artist and if I buy from them directly, they get more money.

Do you support artists differently? Patreon and Bandcamp. I could do more, for sure, but yeah, no.

What did your parents listen to? Chris Rea (mom), Pink Floyd, Genesis (dad)

Why do you love music so much? (Bonus question) Because it makes me feel at ease, helps me to channel my emotions and to focus. It is also a source of understanding and of inspiration.

It was a very intense talk that morphed into a conversation about faiths, believes and religions.

I am rambling…

All this to say, I love music and without it, I would probably not exist anymore. ❤️

4 Replies to “Stream of thoughts”

  1. I don’t understand why David has such a visceral hatred for Ed Sheeran, though I’ve noticed that more than a few other British musicians I follow feel the same way. I think it’s partly due to envy of his huge popularity, among other things. I happen to be a fan of Sheeran’s, though not a huge one. I think he is a talented and likeable guy, and I do like a lot of his earlier music. Yes, his later stuff is quite poppy, and like other artists such as Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars (who I also like a lot), when everything they release is a huge hit, it must be particularly annoying to many struggling indie artists.

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    1. Exactly, I don’t understand it either.
      I mean, I mentioned that music is a subjective experience. And there is so much to explore. So many genres to discover…
      Sure, many artists are struggling, I’d say, the majority of awesome musicians are struggling. But let’s not forget that people like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift are paying a high price to be where they are. They are working hard to be heard.
      I know all that, but I still don’t like the sound of Bruno Mars. And that’s okay, I think. There are other artists who I adore. At the same time, I also believe that he deserves the recognition (because of his hard work and the talent that is undeniable, whether it reaches me or not). All that said, I mention all this from time to time, but I would not openly hate someone for releasing hits that are loved by many.

      Is there a band or artist you don’t like?


      1. KISS, because I found their schtick silly & boring, and think they’re music was/is overrated; Kanye West, because he’s a pompous jerk; Nikki Minaj & Cardi B, because I find their aggressive personas hugely annoying and also think they have very little talent beyond their massive fake tits, are the ones that readily come to mind.

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