English/British readers, help me out, please.

I read that refugees from Syria, Albania, Iran (…) will be expelled from the UK to Rwanda. They can ask for asylum in Kigali, but not in Europe. It’s like outsourcing asylum seekers to a country where they are not safe and where their rights are cut for the sake of it.

My information is limited, no questions asked, but is this right?

Why does an Albanian person who illegally came to the UK from France – why is this person expelled to Rwanda and not back home to Albania?

I am not asking for a debate, but I am asking for people to explain it to me, because, I really don’t understand this and I’d like to…

Thank you.

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  1. I wish I understood it myself. We’re sending people who are in need of help, off to face ‘processing’, with their futures now thoroughly uncertain, and possible dangerous. At some stage, we lost our sense of compassion in this country.

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        1. I am so sorry about that. Johnson is not the leader a nation like the UK deserves.
          But, I also think that many countries, Luxembourg included are headed in the wrong direction.
          For Luxembourg, superficially we are doing great. We are a rich country with free public transportation and equal rights, but do not Scratch the surface, you will only find dirt and ugliness…

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  2. I was not aware of this, but it just goes to confirm that humankind consists of some truly wonderful, kind and compassionate people, surrounded by a vast majority who are either selfish, cruel or woefully ignorant – or a combination of all three. Britain and the U.S. have slid downhill so precipitously over the past several years, with a number of other nations and societies not far behind. I have no hope for humanity…

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    1. I was surprised and shocked when I read about this whole thing. How can it be? How can we treat people like that?! But apparently, people are OK with this… And that’s what makes me sad. Half of UK’s population is okay with sending these people to Rwanda…

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