you are light and you came here to shine

Nathan Maingard

Hm… I know what I want to say in my language, but how do I say it in English without being rude?

The above quote was in a newsletter by Nathan (Nate) Maingard. Well, I forgot to unsubscribe to it, but everything happens for a reason, and the quote spoke to me, that’s why I mention it.

I used to support Nate quite a lot on Patreon, because I believed he had something to share and because I met awesome people through him – Julia, Ryan, I am looking at you!

But Nate is an independent thinker, a free spirit – I am not. He struggled and fought a lot in his life and he shares a lot of it, but none of it reaches me. I still believe that he is an awesome man with a lot to give and with stories to tell, but his convictions, and the way he sees the world differs too much from how I experience the world.

I learnt a lot from this self-proclaimed South African troubadour – the most important lessons I learnt was certainly this:

You are not alone, we all suffer and we all have a chance at getting better. We need to listen to our selves to improve our selves.

In the end, I only forgot to cancel a subscription, but it reminded me of this song I quite like:

Without meaning any harm, I want to say again: I like Nathan’s music, but I don’t agree with his worldview.

Is that even possible or allowed?!

I don’t care… Nathan was an important part of my journey for some months/years and I will be forever grateful for the gift of music he gave me. Thank you 💜❤️💜 Our paths parted but I can still acknowledge the benefits of our brief friendship, and I will never forget that Nate read one of my poems to an important audience during a Livestream.

Thank you, and goodnight xx

People are in our lives for a reason…

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  1. We once followed one another on Twitter, but I saw that he followed a lot of shitty people (yes, I check Twitter accounts of awful politicians and odious celebrities like Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson to see which people I follow also follow them), so I unfollowed him. Now, he has over 800,000 followers, but follows only 212.

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