Be kind!

People are very weird, even more so on the internet.

Just a couple of days ago, a band I used to follow on every platform, a band that disbanded in 2020, posted a statement that one of their members made a suicide attempt. The statement shared all kinds of very personal information about mental illnesses and it also addresses rumours that have been floating around for years, about said musician.

I am, of course, talking about Anathema and Daniel Cavanagh.

Anathema’s statement on Facebook (I hope the link works, I don’t use FB, I deactivated my account a while ago)

I was indeed shocked to read the statement, because I was heavily influenced by this band during my formative years. Even now, when I need something comforting, I go back to this band’s music, and I am looking forward to the new project that has been announced a while ago – Weather Systems. Now, I am not a die-hard fan, I am not one who reads rumours or reads comments on posts, but this time, I did. And I shouldn’t have.

Instead of showing compassion though, there are comments (on Instagram) wondering if the statement is even true or if it is a way of extorting more money from fans – Mr Cavanagh, through a fan of the band, was/is asking fans to donate money to a Go Fund Me campaign to be able to record a new album of his new project – Weather Systems.

Where is all this hate coming from? And why is it directed towards a literal stranger? A man who is on his knees as it is.

There are also the comments telling that they love him and how much he influenced them. Nice ones. But they don’t stick out as much.

I wonder… If I were a musician who was suffering through all this, and decided that it is time to step forward, to strip my soul bare; if I read those comments, the nice ones would certainly give me a lift, but the negative ones, I think they would send me down a downward spiral.

What is happening in this world that people can’t show a little respect, compassion, and empathy towards a man who felt so wrong on this earth that he wanted to erase his existence?

I cannot understand this. Not one bit. It makes me lose faith in humanity.

Be kind. Be gentle. And don’t judge without knowing the facts. Everyone is fighting a battle, even if we can’t see it.

To Dan, I wish lots of strength, love, and patience. The world is a better place with you in it. 💜✨💜

Listen to CATHEDRAL by Weather Systems on #SoundCloud

4 Replies to “Be kind!”

  1. There are a lot of cruel, nasty people in this world, and the internet has allowed them to make themselves more visible to the rest of us who see their bile. It’s easy for people to sit at their computers or stare at their mobile devices, typing out whatever negative, condescending or hateful comments that come to their small minds, with no regard for how their words may hurt another. I’ve never felt more disheartened or pessimistic about the future of humankind in my 67 years on this earth.

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    1. I am very sorry it came to this. Maybe I am just too nice or naive, I don’t know.

      But I also know that I am not always kind and compassionate. I feel like an asshole today too. Just this morning, I woke up to a message – private, where someone insulted me for unfriending them on Facebook. I told them that I deactivated my account a long time ago and they apologised. I did not reply apart from saying “accepted”.
      This afternoon, I got in touch with someone to tell them some news and ended with “anyway… Have a nice day”. This was perceived as passive-aggressive and rude.

      I don’t know… Maybe it is a day to stay silent for me.

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