Today’s post

In May, I wanted to post every day and share a bit of everything – poetry, music, me…, mostly positive stuff.

Well today’s post is not a very happy one. During the last days, I was very energized and did lots of stuff around the house and cleaned corners I haven’t cleaned in ages. It felt and feels good. Looks good too.

But this morning things changed.

I have a cast iron pot for stews and pasta sauce. My son had a friend over for lunch and I made Bolognese/ spaghetti al ragù. I took the pot off the shelf and felt a sharp pain in my right arm. I did not let it stop me. I did my thing. But after lunch the pain got too much to bare and I saw a doctor.

In short: My arm is fucked again. Can’t say it any other way. I need to rest now and not move it too much and not do any lifting either. And it sucks so much. I am in pain like I haven’t been in months. I mean, my arm was never healed and always in pain, but this is horrible. It drives tears to my eyes and makes me reach for the strong meds (which my doctor also advised).

The spaghetti were great, by the way.

Next Monday, my new job begins and I need to be fit. I am worried now.


Next post will be a happier one again, I promise. But now I had to vent a bit. This arm disaster just doesn’t end.

6 Replies to “Today’s post”

    1. Thank you… I am really in a state of despair about this…
      When I had surgery, I thought “well, just another couple weeks and I’ll be painfree” but it’s been 14 months and I am very far from painfree and it sucks. It messes with my fragile mind.
      But, also, underneath, the mood is still good and okay. Even if I am worried and in pain.

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