Past hurt

Childhood trauma is a bitch… In my case, it left me with trust and abandonment issues.

In my life are three people who I trust blindly and with everything, but it was and is hard work. Before I open up and speak freely with them, I always, always worry and question myself and them. I question their honesty and I question whether what I want to say needs to be said and is important enough to be voiced.

My childhood trauma comes from neglect, emotional abuse, and, in fact, abandonment. I couldn’t trust the adults in my life to take care of me – I had to take care of them.

It is only part of my trauma and issues, but if you ask my opinion – which is in no way a professional one (at least not when I speak about myself), well, in my opinion childhood trauma cannot be healed. No matter how much you try working through it, it is ingrained deeply.

For me, trusting someone is very very hard work and daily work too.


I’m doing a bit of a blog push in May… Lots of posts with lots of different content. Love ya 💜

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