I need

a device that records my thoughts when I do mindless things like ironing or taking a shower. I wrote entire stories like that in my head and when I try to write them down later, they are gone. Poof… Vanished…

One could argue that the ideas were not that good and that’s why I forgot about them. But I refuse to believe that, hehe

And while I was thinking about that device recording my thoughts, I noticed that it is better when my mind is left alone. It could be overwhelming for people to listen to me jumping from left to right without seemingly making much sense.

Also… I don’t know who has seen Black Mirror, but it would be too much of a storyline for that show.

In conclusion, I don’t need a device to record my thoughts straight from my brain.


This post was brought to you by an overthinking ironer. I don’t do it often, but indeed, I ironed a handful of shirts this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “I need

  1. I feel the same need when listening to an album I’ve been asked to review while housecleaning. As each song plays, I think of lots of things to write about the song in my head, but when I later sit at my laptop while listening to the music again, my mind goes blank. I hate that.

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