3 times me

So… Here are 3 pics of me… All taken during the last week. Can you spot the day when I quit my job? Also, one selfie was taken today. Hm… Me me me… Quite egocentric, I admit and acknowledge.

Curiously, I straightened my hair often this week. My hair is naturally curly. But whenever I wear it like that, I get stupid comments “did you put your fingers in a power socket?” “Did you walk through a hedge?” Stupid stuff like that and it makes me self-conscious. I like my curls, but there are not many pics of me showing them off.

Anyway… I haven’t smiled like that in a while and felt it genuinely inside.

Now… I need to find a way to get more than 5 hours of sleep each night…

My evening was filled with music and a film (the whole nine yards with Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry) Nice and peaceful. For once.

At the same time, people I like are hitting rock bottom and I don’t know how to catch them. I don’t know how to be there for them and how to show them that I care. It is really hard…

The moon is shining brightly through the blinds. My back hurts, and my daughter is back home after a week with her adopted grands-parents.

Everything will be okay

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