forever wounds

All I've ever known was the storm and the rain
Uprooted early on, destined to live in silent pain.
There was no touch, no praise, no maternal love
I was flying yet falling like a featherless dove.
Hopeless, desperate; I ran towards a dire fate;
But something made me slow down and wait.
A spirit's breath and an angel's voice,
Barely heard above the constant noise.
And so I stopped and took heed
Of the little things and my own needs.
The introspection almost pulled me under
As I found myself threatened by roaring thunder.
A hand reached out to me - divine connection;
Something was born from this genuine affection.
In your arms, I grew from a seed into a great big tree
For the first time in my life, being loved was for free.
I'm holding on to this feeling for as long as I can
So that one day, we tell the story of how it all began.
Until then, whispers will fill a river of dreams
Only I can understand and I know what they mean.
Someday, we will walk under the warming sun,
Finally home, safe - with no reasons to run.
I will break the cycle of indifference and hate
It is worth the fight, I feel it; it is not too late.
But I need you to remind me how to live
Because one day, I need to forget and forgive.
Your thoughts graze my soul and my skin
I take a deep breath, it is time to let the healing begin.

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