after the sun goes up

You are the leftover thought I was never overthinking
A smell, lingering on my pillow.
You are the rainbow disappearing in the clouds
A tattoo, hidden under my skin.
You are the inhaled smoke of my last cigarette
A fleeting comfort, fading fast.
You are an angel's tears, raining down on me
A moment of clarity; never a fantasy.
You are a delicate memory of a pure but broken soul
A lover, vanishing at sunrise.

2 thoughts on “after the sun goes up

  1. I hhhhaaaattteeee when the smell of someone lingers after they are gone. Since my wig is synthetic hair, sometimes a guy’s colonge will sink in and stay for so long after I have seen them last. I was seeing a guy a little bit before covid and we would just hang out and watch movies at my place and my pillows smelled like him for a solid week after he left. When we were good it was nice because I loved how he smelled, but when things ended it was just a lingering reminder of him which suckkkked

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