Just a dream

I had a dream about you – man from the past. So vivid and real. So intimate and overwhelming.

Warning: mature content

I rarely have sexual dreams. But that night… Or was it morning.

I was at a store trying to buy a new lock for a door at work. (?!) I was talking to the man behind the counter, recognizing him as someone who grew up in the same village as me. (! I have no idea why him!) And then you came in. Dressed as always, cap and band t-shirt, cargo shorts and all your beautiful tattoos were on display. We fought or had a discussion. And I said something like ” you never reply to my messages and now you are here. In this store in my country. WTF?” And you just took me by the arm and guided me outside and down some stairs. I wanted to push you away, but you overwhelmed me and pushed me against a wall. Right then and there, I went down on my knees and pleasured you. It was so real, I almost tasted you on my tongue.

My phone vibrating on the nightstand woke me up. It was a blast from the past indeed. I have to say, it was only a one-night-stand we had, but it was definitely and by far the best sex of my life.

And the boy from my village in the dream: I have no idea where he is or what he does and I don’t have the slightest idea why he was in my dream. I just know that I quite liked him back then. He was good people.

Dreams are a weird thing.

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