A day in the life

If you are expecting anything profound and informative, don’t. Hehe…

Backstory: Four colleagues and I are having a training in Luxembourg City. We decide to meet at a train station close to our workplace to take the train and then a bus to a training centre. (A monastery)

We met at the train station, all bright and early, to take the train to the city.

The train arrives, we get in, and promptly, K hits her head against a handrail. Ouch.

We drive a couple of minutes into the city, happy about how easy and stress-free it all is. A quick check: bus number 13 will bring us to the destination once we arrived at Luxembourg Central. We get off at the right stop and haste a bit to catch our bus. A ton of people are there. A bit overwhelmed, we stand there waiting for our bus. And when it comes, it drives past us. Yes, we are at the right bus stop. But the bus is filled to the brim with people.

J suggests taking a tram to get closer to our destination and just when we are about to walk to the tram we hear an announcement:

Due to technical issues, tram line 1 is suspended until further notice.

Okay. Maybe we can take the next bus. A quick peek at the schedule shows us it will arrive at 8:47. Bugger we need to be at the monastery at 9 and will not make it.

V suggests walking. It’s only a 10-minute ride on the bus, and then a little walk, how far can it be?

We all agree that this is a good idea and start walking. Did I mention that it was freezing cold? And so, the five of us started walking. 35 minutes. Brisk pace. Passing a little impass, K slips on a frozen puddle, drops her phone, and steps on it. Broken screen, hurt arm. But okay, we march on. We need to get to that training centre. We arrived ten minutes late but were lucky that we made it.

The training was okay. A bit boring and nothing you can’t find online, but okay. We all need this training, no need to fight it.

Time jump. We are left out early. 4:50 pm. There is a bus station across the road. Line 13 back to central station. Yes! Succès. Until the driver informs us:

I am not driving to Central Station. Everything is closed. There are no trains.

Panik. How will we get back home? What happened?

Bomb alert

While excavating close to Central Station, they found a bomb (from WWII). Everything was widely cordoned off.

But, at a stop, the drivers changed (because of the shifts ending) and the new driver informed us that everything is open again and back to normal.

Hurray. Succès.

The 5 of us arrived at Luxembourg Central walked into the terminal and saw:

All trains are cancelled

Noooo. It’s cold. We are tired. M asks how long it will take until the trains run again: could be 25 minutes, could be 80 minutes.

Because M is our boss, she decides that we should call a taxi. But since we are 5 and don’t want to split up, we order a van.

It will be there in 25 minutes

25 minutes is feasible, we say. We laugh, we inform family, and wait. 45 minutes. No taxi in sight. F@#$

Now what?

I suggest going back to Central Station, maybe trains are back on track in the meantime.

And wouldn’t you know, there’s a train scheduled for our destination just 20minutes later.

Yay. Succès.

We get to the right track to wait. Everyone is on the phone and then there is an announcement:

The train from here to there changed tracks from 12 to 10ab.

What the f@#$?!?!

And so, the 5 of us hurry to the other track. The train is already waiting and we get in immediately.

A couple of minutes later, we are on the move. Finally. No further incidents.

And I have to say, while the training was boring and bland, the adventure around was very team-building for us. We laughed a lot. And even though I decided to leave the team, this will stay a memorable training, forever linked to these people. And it felt good.

It felt nice to be with this very special and unique bunch of women. If the 5 of us were a team, with the addition of 2 more, it would be perfect, but, as is… And those are not my words, my boss said them. Yes, I agree, not very professional, and yet – I get what she meant by that. The team quite sucks, and I will not stay there for much longer. In fact, I am sending applications and having interviews…

Today, we had the same training (second part), but without any of the technical issues. And yet… The bonding was palpable between us. That was nice. I will not work a shift until next Sunday. We’ll see how things will go on.


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