I admit…

I just write. I have no idea about styles and how this or that form is called.

I just write.

And the more I think about how much time real poets and writers invest in their writings, the more I feel like an imposter or a fraud.

I mentioned it before, everything I write is impulsive. Most poems are written in 10 minutes or way less. It’s just the way I do it.

I just write. And I write because it feels right. It feels good. It sets my mind free, I admit.

6 thoughts on “I admit…

  1. I don’t know of a better reason or style of righting then “it just feels good”. I wrote and published my first four books which were all collections of flash poetry and very short stories that I wrote daily. They were quick and unplanned. They may not win any prizes but they felt good. And I’ve published them because I wanted them in a book form for myself. Sure I had fleeting fantasies about sales and such, but they past quickly. Today I explore writing in different forms or illustrating in different techniques for my own fun, but ultimately I’m still writing all because it feels right and feels good.

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    1. I did exactly the same. I published 3 poetry books, 1 anthology of short stories and 1 novel. Just for me and because it is a very special feeling to read your own words in a paperback book. If I sell a book, i am over the moon, but i have no illusions that my poetry is good enough to win prizes or becomes bestselling. Not during my lifetime. Hehe.
      All that said, I am actually working on the next collections of poetry. And maybe it will see the light of day in the next 3 months. Depending on my focus to format and edit and create a cover and come up with a title and… Make is 6 months.
      But yes, I write because it feels right.

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