Dear me

Dear Cathy,

How are you? It’s been a couple of days since you dropped off the digital world again. Not long, I mean, you posted that reminder about your books, but you stopped Bloganuary without warning, there is no music, no poetry, and what happened with the Dear Stranger letters?! Why aren’t there any updates anymore? I feel lonely without you, empty. Truth is, Cathy, I am empty without you and it kind of hurts when you abandon me like this. Without updates, only a handful of people come by to pay me a visit daily. But, and I say that with a proud smile, there is still that one post Goodbye, Anathema that has daily visits. You know, I am suspicious though, maybe it is the same person using a bookmark. Ah, I don’t know. What happened? Why don’t you love me anymore?


Dear micqu,

All is well over here, just a bit hectic. Many people at work are on sick leave and only few are flexible enough to cover additional shifts. That’s how I ended working 52 hours in 5 days, instead and of a maximum of 30 that I signed in my contract. Naturally, I am sleep-deprived, tired, exhausted and overthinking. I don’t want to spread too much negativity though and that’s why I refrained from posting. Also, my eyes are tired when I get home from 10-hour shifts and I become lazy. That’s a simple truth, I am lazy. I stopped Bloganuary because the prompts were uninspiring. At first, I believed that it would help me write daily, and it did. But at what cost? The quality of the posts decreased, or so I think. I don’t know. But, like you, I am pleased that that particular post is still read. Let me assure you, by looking at the stats, I can tell that it is not always the same person who is using the link – or if they are, they are using VPN, which is misleading. Either way… It’s really not important. What else is new? I became an aunt again. My sister gave birth to a baby girl this week. I am working waaayyy too much, and I am looking forward to 5 consecutive days off week soon. My birthday week. I like my birthday. A lot. Hehe. But that has to do with unresolved childhood trauma. Oh, and you asked about Stranger? Don’t it’s fiction and that well dried up.

I hope you are okay. I am sorry you feel neglected but that’s really just a subjective emotion. I was and will always be there.

Goodnight my dearest micqu,


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