12 thoughts on “Throwback… Or a little reminder

              1. Hi Cathy Overthinker, nice to meet you! I can identify with this feeling as well. I haven’t sold a book in over four months and just had about 50 pages of KU reads. But writing keeps me sane and publishing let’s me move on to a new project, so I carry on.

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              2. I am exactly the same. Writing keeps me sane. But I seem to have reached a moment in time where I doubt myself too much and feel like an imposter for publishing.


  1. I’m not sure if my reply went through as it’s not showing up so here goes a 2nd try: I get your feeling. I’ve not sold a single book (out of 5 published) in the past four months and only had about 50 KU pages read. But writing keeps me sane and publishing provides me a sense of accomplishment and completion that allows me to move onto a new project. So I continue.

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