There is not much on my Instagram account, but I seem to be looking for a way to get somewhere. Or maybe, I am appreciating my journey and the road I am traveling? Either way, there are too many photos of streets and roads.


Feel free to follow me there… I have moments when I share a lot and others when I delete more. As so often, it used to be about music, there were some LP (vinyl) pics, but not many anymore. There are not too many pics of me… hehe, I do delete most of the pics of myself, because I don’t like to see myself all the time, am I just revealing again that I am weirder than anticipated?

Ah well… *hugs*

Does this qualify as Bloganuary #19? Write about something mysterious? I will pretend it does. I mean, it sounds vain and conceited when I say it myself, but countless times people called me mysterious… I am anything but, but maybe others see things in me that I don’t.


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