Bloganuary #17

What is a superpower you’d love to have?

Ah… I thought about this one before and the only answer I ever had was: teleportation.

Yup… There are people all around the world that I would like to meet, but traveling is expensive and I am not the biggest fan of planes either. Yes, teleportation would be rather awesome.

Beam me up!

Come to think about it. How about invisible teleportation? Hmmm

That song though, right? HIM – join me (in death). I only ever share that song on January 17th.

9 thoughts on “Bloganuary #17

  1. A bit Machiavellian perhaps, but I’d like to have a superpower like Samantha on Bewitched, where I could perform magic by wiggling my nose. The problem with me is that I’d use it mostly to punish assholes. For example, I’d cast a spell to immediately flatten the tires or kill the car engines of aggressive drivers. Wouldn’t want to harm them, just their cars and pride.

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