little rant

Sometimes, people need to remember who is in their corner in times of need. Most often, it is not the people who claimed to be, it is not the people who said they were your friends. And it is definitely not the people you want to be there.

Don’t push those away who support you with everything in their might. Don’t push those away who offer support, understanding, time too.

Because as hard as they are trying to show you that they care and that you matter, they grow tired too. And then, the thing you feared most – being abandoned and lonely will finally happen. That one person who accepted you with all your flaws and knows every horrible detail about you, they will grow silent and quiet. And one day, they will be gone.

I promise, that realisation will hurt and maybe destroy every small success you had in your healing.

Be careful who you push away and cherish those who are there when your life is imploding.

drops 🎤

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